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The thrombus presence could not be clearly demonstrated by conventional 2D 4- and 2-chamber views, but it is clearly visible after properly cropping the 3DE data set to visualize the LV true ...

Date : 05/12/2012

Beyond the production of syllabi that provide the list of topic areas included in a speciality, curricula describe characteristics and requirements for entering training in cardiology and/or ...

Date : 06/08/2013

Section Nucleus Chair: Paul Leeson (UK) Chair-elect: Nicolle Kraenkel (DE) Secretary: Trine Karlsen (NO) Past-Chair: Marco Guazzi (IT) Nucleus Members: Thomas Berger (A) Marcus Dörr (DE) Henner ...

Date : 02/03/2017

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Date : 21/07/2014

Declaration of Interest The Congress Committee requests speakers, judges and chairpersons to disclose a potential conflict of interest regarding the topics of the presentations during the ...

Date : 10/10/2018

Relive these four days rich in education, discoveries and peer-to-peer exchange. 2017 EAPCI Awards Relive this award ceremony and the 2017 EAPCI Grants winners. Resources from EuroPCR 2017 The ...

Date : 12/06/2013

Joint sessions at respective annual meeting Joint scientific papers Mutual promotion Translation of educational material World Echocardiography Summit Country Links Asia-Pacific Asian-Pacific ...

Date : 21/12/2017

Cardiac CT and MRI in pulmonary stenosis Cardiac MRI Cardiac Magnetic Resonance gives access to the right ventricle, the right ventricular outflow tract, the pulmonary valve and branches allowing a ...

Date : 11/12/2013

Description The work package n° 4 did mobilise broad support for cardiovascular health promotion and cardiovascular disease prevention via the launch of the European Heart Health Charter. The ...

Date : 27/11/2009

The mission of the EHC is to promote knowledge and treatment of congenital heart disease (CHD) and related disorders in children and young adults in the European Society of Cardiology member ...

Date : 20/08/2010