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Methods and results The If-channel inhibitor ivabradine reduced heart rate by 11% in wild-type and 15% in apolipoprotein E (ApoE) mice and restored endothelium-dependent relaxation in aortic rings of ...

European Heart Journal, Schirmer, Stephan H., Degen, Achim, Baumhäkel, Magnus, Custodis, Florian, Schuh, Lisa, Kohlhaas, Michael, Friedrich, Erik, Bahlmann, Ferdinand, Kappl, Reinhard, Maack, ...

Date : 01/05/2012 Item size : 311057 bytes

At present, 3040% of all German patients >65 years are prescribed four or more different medications, and this number is expected to increase.1,2 Non-adherence to medical treatments is an ...

European Heart Journal, Laufs, Ulrich, Rettig-Ewen, Volker, Böhm, Michael

Date : 01/02/2011

Hypercholesterolaemia is a risk factor of cardiovascular diseases and is therefore a major target for primary and secondary prevention.1,2 Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle reduces ...

European Heart Journal, Weingärtner, Oliver, Böhm, Michael, Laufs, Ulrich

Date : 01/02/2009

The beneficial vascular effects of statins are important for the primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and stroke; however, their cardiac effects are less clear. Lefer et al. ...

Cardiovascular Research, Laufs, Ulrich, Böhm, Michael

Date : 01/06/2005 Item size : 133084 bytes

Methods and results In C57/Bl6 mice, development of cardiac hypertrophy induced by transaortic constriction (TAC) for 5 weeks was reduced by ramipril, 5 mg/kg p.o., independent of blood pressure ...

Cardiovascular Research, Müller, Patrick, Kazakov, Andrey, Jagoda, Philippe, Semenov, Alexander, Böhm, Michael, Laufs, Ulrich

Date : 01/07/2009 Item size : 281049 bytes

Introduction Left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) is a major risk factor for the development of heart failure and death [1]. Rac1 activation initiates a cascade of signal amplification involving ...

Cardiovascular Research, Custodis, Florian, Eberl, Marcel, Kilter, Heiko, Böhm, Michael, Laufs, Ulrich

Date : 15/07/2006 Item size : 303882 bytes

Introduction Hypercholesterolaemia is a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.1 An important strategy in the reduction of cardiovascular risk includes a healthy diet and lifestyle.2 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Weingärtner, Oliver, Ulrich, Christof, Lütjohann, Dieter, Ismail, Kenan, Schirmer, Stephan H., Vanmierlo, Tim, Böhm, Michael, Laufs, Ulrich

Date : 01/06/2011 Item size : 282450 bytes

Methods and results Ten-week-old male C57/Bl6 wild-type (WT) and eNOS mice (eNOS were subjected to transverse aortic constriction (TAC, 360 μm, 35 days) or sham operation inducing cardiac ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kazakov, Andrey, Müller, Patrick, Jagoda, Philippe, Semenov, Alexander, Böhm, Michael, Laufs, Ulrich

Date : 01/03/2012 Item size : 274600 bytes

In addition to cholesterol-lowering, statins inhibit the isoprenylation of small G proteins. [...]it was tested if these drugs inhibit Rac1 and RhoA activity in cardiomyocytes and, thereby, prevent ...

Cardiovascular Research, Laufs, Ulrich, Kilter, Heiko, Konkol, Christian, Wassmann, Sven, Böhm, Michael, Nickenig, Georg

Date : 01/03/2002 Item size : 280897 bytes

In addition to their lipid-lowering effects, one central biological action of statins is their ability to ameliorate the impaired bioavailability of NO.1 Mechanistically, this occurs through ...

Cardiovascular Research, Schirmer, Stephan H., Werner, Christian M., Laufs, Ulrich, Böhm, Michael

Date : 01/06/2012 Item size : 149958 bytes