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[...]of dose titration studies the oral dose of prenalterol given was 100 mg twice a day in all patients. Sustained oral treatment with prenalterol, however, did not improve resting left ventricular ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, P J Currie, M J Kelly, K Middlebrook, J Federman, E Sainsbury, J Ashley, A Pitt

Date : 01/05/1984

OBJECTIVES--(a) To assess the relation between plasma concentrations of proatrial natriuretic factor (1-98) and non-invasively derived indices of left ventricular systolic and diastolic performance ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, V. V. Bonarjee, T. Omland, D. W. Nilsen, K. Caidahl, J. A. Sundsfjord, K. Dickstein

Date : 01/06/1995

Long-term follow up of patients with dilated heart muscle disease treated with human leucocytic interferon alpha or thymic hormones initial results. To determine whether giving interferon-alpha or ...

Heart, Research Article, M. Mirić, J. Vasiljević, M. Bojić, Z. Popović, N. Keserović, M. Pesić

Date : 01/06/1996

A partly necrotic catecholamine secreting tumour was later removed from the abdomen and it is likely that a kick to the abdomen had damaged the tumour and the consequent release of catecholamine had ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, T R Shaw, P Rafferty, G W Tait

Date : 01/02/1987

Haemodynamic effects of hydralazine at rest and during exercise in patients with chronic heart failure. The administration of vasodilator drugs has been shown to have beneficial effects at rest in ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, W R Ginks, D R Redwood

Date : 01/09/1980

PARTICIPANTS--39 identical twin pairs (22 male) discordant for insulin dependent diabetes and 39 non-diabetic controls of similar age and sex were examined. There was a significant correlation in ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S. Dubrey, F. Akhras, G. J. Song, T. Hardman, C. Travill, J. Hynd, M. I. Noble, S. S. Lo, R. D. Leslie

Date : 01/04/1994

Cardiac dimensions and left ventricular function were investigated at rest with non-invasive methods in 14 professional road race cyclists and in 11 age-matched sedentary control subjects. There was ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, I Bekaert, J L Pannier, C Van de Weghe, J P Van Durme, D L Clement, R Pannier

Date : 01/02/1981

To normalise radionuclide measurements of the left ventricular diastolic function the ratio of the filling rate to the ejection fraction and the ratio of the filling rate to the peak ejection rate ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, Y. Cottin, C. Touzery, B. Coudert, A. Gilles, P. Walker, J. L. Massing, M. Toubeau, A. Riedinger-Berriolo, D. Caillot, P. Louis

Date : 01/01/1995

OBJECTIVE--To determine the cardiac, renal, and neuroendocrine effects of lisinopril in men with untreated, symptom free left ventricular systolic dysfunction. RESULTS--Compared with placebo, ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J G Cleland, D Shah, S Krikler, A Dritsas, P Nihoyannopoulos, G Frost, C M Oakley

Date : 01/06/1993

During exercise patients with chronic left heart failure ventilate more than normal individuals at the same workload; the ratio of minute ventilation to minute production of carbon dioxide (VE/VCO2) ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S W Davies, T M Emery, M I Watling, G Wannamethee, D P Lipkin

Date : 01/04/1991