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There is mounting evidence that thrombin acts as a powerful modulator of many processes like regulation of vascular tone, permeability, migration and proliferation of VSMC, recruitment of monocytes ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Julian Ilcheff Borissoff, Henri M.H. Spronk, Sylvia Heeneman, Hugo ten Cate

Date : 01/06/2009 Item size : 584450 bytes

The nomenclature of pulmonary hypertension has been updated over the years, reflecting different categories of pulmonary hypertension that may require unique treatments.1,2 Although the aetiologies ...

Cardiovascular Research, REVIEWS: FOCUS ON INORGANIC NITRITE AND NITRATE, Brian S. Zuckerbraun, Patricia George, Mark T. Gladwin

Date : 15/02/2011 Item size : 505144 bytes

Effects of endothelin receptor antagonists and nitric oxide on myogenic tone and α-adrenergic-dependent contractions of rabbit resistance arteries [...]α1-AR stimulation-induced tone is ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Thanh-Dung Nguyen, Philippe Véquaud, Eric Thorin

Date : 15/08/1999 Item size : 214343 bytes

[...]endothelial mitochondria are centrally involved in maintaining the fine regulatory balance between mitochondrial calcium concentration, reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, and ...

Cardiovascular Research, REVIEWS: FOCUS ON MITOCHONDRIA IN CARDIAC DISEASE, Sean Michael Davidson

Date : 01/10/2010 Item size : 527437 bytes

Time for primary review 23 days. 1 Introduction Nitric oxide (NO) plays a crucial role in the regulation of vascular tone and maintenance of vascular integrity [13]. [...]nitric oxide reduces ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Francesco Cosentino, Thomas F Lüscher

Date : 01/08/1999 Item size : 256397 bytes

In older subjects, pulmonary hypertension associated with the acute respiratory distress syndrome, congenital heart disease with left-to-right shunt, and primary pulmonary hypertension remain ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Rosemary D Higgins, Martin Keszler

Date : 01/07/2001 Item size : 138473 bytes

The pathophysiological role of dysfunctional eNOS has attracted attention in vascular disorders, including atherosclerosis, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus [46]. Among a number of molecular ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Mitsuhiro Yokoyama, Ken-ichi Hirata

Date : 01/01/2007 Item size : 165088 bytes

Methods: The effects of acetylcholine (ACh 236 pmol·kg1; 18 nmol·l19.8 μmol·l1; 0.110 μmol·l1), l-arginine (1 mmol·l1) and sodium nitroprusside (1 nmol·l1100 μmol·l1) ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Mária Zsófia Koltai, Pál Hadházy, Ildikó Pósa, Erzsébet Kocsis, Gábor Winkler, Peter Rösen, Gábor Pogátsa

Date : 01/04/1997 Item size : 175120 bytes

The mRNA, phosphorylation, and protein levels of APJ, Akt, and endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) were analyzed by reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction and Western blotting, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Jiu-Chang Zhong, Xi-Yong Yu, Yu Huang, Lai-Ming Yung, Chi-Wai Lau, Shu-Guang Lin

Date : 01/06/2007 Item size : 236658 bytes

Convincing data from animal and in vitro models exist to indicate that endothelial dysfunction in diabetes may be related to hyperglycaemic pseudohypoxia, activation of protein kinase C, increased ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Coen D.A Stehouwer, Jan Lambert, A.J.M Donker, Victor W.M van Hinsbergh

Date : 01/04/1997 Item size : 262032 bytes