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Pacemaker treatment for bradycardia is frequently used, with more than 600 000 people worldwide receiving a cardiac pacemaker each year.1 Pacemakers remain the only known, long-term effective ...

Europace, Clinical trial design, Philippe Ritter, Gabor Z. Duray, Shu Zhang, Calambur Narasimhan, Kyoko Soejima, Razali Omar, Verla Laager, Kurt Stromberg, Eric Williams, Dwight Reynolds

Date : 01/05/2015 Item size : 210987 bytes

Ventricular tachycardia (VT) is a common complication in patients with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy/dysplasia (ARVD). Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) therapy provides ...

Europace, Articles, Hielko Miljoen, Simona State, Christian de Chillou, Isabelle Magnin-Poull, Pierre Dotto, Marius Andronache, Ahmed Abdelaal, Etienne Aliot

Date : 01/11/2005 Item size : 215396 bytes

Abstract Aims The present study addresses the controversy regarding the primary role of the subendocardial Purkinje network in triggering torsade de pointes (TdP) ventricular tachyarrhythmia (VAs) in ...

Europace, PRECLINICAL RESEARCH, E. Ben Caref, Mohamed Boutjdir, Herman D. Himel, Nabil El-Sherif

Date : 01/10/2008 Item size : 208992 bytes

Abstract Aims Having several recently published reports on increased rate of cardiac perforation with some lead models as background, we assess the relation between cardiac perforations and models of ...

Europace, Maciej Sterliński, Andrzej Przybylski, Aleksander Maciąg, Paweł Syska, Mariusz Pytkowski, Michał Lewandowski, Ilona Kowalik, Bohdan Firek, Piotr Kołsut, Grzegorz Religa, ...

Date : 01/02/2009 Item size : 205446 bytes

Abstract Transvenous pacing has revolutionized the management of patients with potentially life-threatening bradycardias and at its most basic level ensures rate support to maintain cardiac ...

Europace, Review, Richard J. Hillock, Harry G. Mond

Date : 01/01/2012 Item size : 352283 bytes

Brugada syndromeARVCSignal-averaged ECGRV outflow tractDelayed potential Introduction Brugada syndrome (BS) is characterized by ST-segment elevation in the right precordial leads associated with ...

Europace, MISCELLANEOUS, Hiroshi Furushima, Masaomi Chinushi, Kazuki Okamura, Kenichi Iijima, Satoru Komura, Yasutaka Tanabe, Shinsuke Okada, Daisuke Izumi, Yoshifusa Aizawa

Date : 01/10/2007 Item size : 241764 bytes

Keping Chen 1State Key Laboratory of Cardiovascular Disease, Arrhythmia Center, Fuwai Hospital, National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union ...

Europace, Basic Science, Keping Chen, Xiaolin Zheng, Yan Dai, Hao Wang, Yue Tang, Tingyu Lan, Jinping Zhang, Yi Tian, Baojie Zhang, Xiaohong Zhou, Matthew Bonner, Shu Zhang

Date : 01/11/2016 Item size : 126820 bytes

Abstract Aims This study aims to assess the impact of pacing sites on the effectiveness of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) in systemic right ventricle (sRV) patients with/without a ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Aya Miyazaki, Heima Sakaguchi, Koji Kagisaki, Nobuyuki Tsujii, Michio Matsuoka, Tetsuya Yamamoto, Takaya Hoashi, Takashi Noda, Hideo Ohuchi

Date : 01/01/2016 Item size : 294107 bytes

Immediate post-operative adverse events occur in 10% of patients and are either related to the device (haematoma, skin erosion, pocket infection) or result from transvenous lead placement ...

Europace, Review, Johannes Sperzel, Haran Burri, Daniel Gras, Fleur V.Y. Tjong, Reinoud E. Knops, Gerhard Hindricks, Clemens Steinwender, Pascal Defaye

Date : 01/10/2015 Item size : 221819 bytes

Abstract Aims To assess procedural characteristics and adjudicated procedure-related (30 days) major adverse events among patients who underwent cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) implantation ...

Europace, BIVENTRICULAR PACING, D. Gras, D. Böcker, M. Lunati, H.J.J. Wellens, M. Calvert, N. Freemantle, R. Gervais, L. Kappenberger, L. Tavazzi, E. Erdmann, J.G.F. Cleland, J.-C. Daubert

Date : 01/07/2007 Item size : 239045 bytes