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Hypertension affects approximately 3040% of adults worldwide1 and is one of the common denominators for both macrovascular and microvascular disease.2 Angiotensin-II is one of the most potent ...

Cardiovascular Research, de Jager, Saskia C A, Hoefer, Imo E

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Excessive fatty acid β-oxidation and lipotoxicity induced excessive production of reactive oxygen species and oxidative stress because antioxidative capacity was reduced in cardiomyocytes, These ...

Cardiovascular Research, Liu, Shangxin, Geng, Bin, Zou, Liangqiang, Wei, Suning, Wang, Weiyi, Deng, Jingna, Xu, Chong, Zhao, Xiaojing, Lyu, Ying, Su, Xueying, Xu, Guoheng

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Anthracycline cardiotoxicity and cardioprotection in humans Cardiotoxicity is an established complication of cancer therapies; the cardiomyopathy caused by anthracyclines is a classic example.1 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Lipshultz, Steven E, Herman, Eugene H

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