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Abstract Aims Generation of reproducible cardiac disease phenotypes in mice is instrumental for investigating mechanisms leading to heart failure (HF). Conclusion Here, we introduce a novel method ...

Cardiovascular Research, Melleby, Arne O, Romaine, Andreas, Aronsen, Jan Magnus, Veras, Ioanni, Zhang, Lili, Sjaastad, Ivar, Lunde, Ida G, Christensen, Geir

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Once released from cells by mechanical stress, inflammatory cytokines, or necrosis, extracellular IL-33 is proteolytically processed to act in an autocrine/paracrine manner as an alarmin on ...

Cardiovascular Research, Altara, Raffaele, Ghali, Rana, Mallat, Ziad, Cataliotti, Alessandro, Booz, George W, Zouein, Fouad A

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Amongst numerous awards, she received the Liselotte-Becht research award (2017) and the Oskar-Lapp research award (2016) of the German Cardiac Society, the best moderated poster award of the ESC ...

Cardiovascular Research, Schmidt, Constanze

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Macrophages are fundamental regulators for cardiac repair after myocardial infarction (MI).1,2 While initially thought to exist in just two forms (inflammatory and anti-inflammatory), ample evidence ...

Cardiovascular Research, Lindsey, Merry L

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Eilidh Mcginnigle: Hello, and thank you for joining us for this Cardiovascular Research Onlife interview with Professor Marian. Ali J. Marian:My personal view is that every physician should train as ...

Cardiovascular Research, Mcginnigle, Eilidh, Marian, Ali J

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[Cardiovasc Res 2018;114:15691570] The authors of the Loss of AZIN2 splice variant facilitates endogenous cardiac regeneration [doi:10.1093/cvr/cvy075] that this Editorial refers to did not disclose ...

Cardiovascular Research

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Atherosclerosis is regarded as a chronic inflammatory disease involving both innate and adaptive immunity. Besides their critical team leader role in acute infections, neutrophils can also be found ...

Cardiovascular Research, Cochain, Clément, Ait-Oufella, Hafid, Zernecke, Alma

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[...]during normal pregnancy in women, the substantial increase in blood volume, metabolism and foetal needs require the cardiovascular system to prompt major adjustments to accommodate the needs of ...

Cardiovascular Research, El Khoury, Nabil, Ross, Jenna L, Long, Valérie, Thibault, Simon, Ethier, Nathalie, Fiset, Céline

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Myocardial infarction (MI) is a major threat to human health and is one of the most important diseases contributing to significant morbidity and mortality worldwide.1,2 Therapeutic strategies aimed ...

Cardiovascular Research, Meloni, Marco, Riley, Paul R, Baker, Andrew H

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Hypoxia-related pathways, the alterations in immunoinflammatory balance, as well as changes in haemodynamic forces within the vascular wall trigger vasculogenesis, angiogenesis, and arteriogenesis, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Caporali, Andrea, Bäck, Magnus, Daemen, Mat J, Hoefer, Imo E, Jones, Elizabeth A, Lutgens, Esther, Matter, Christian M, Bochaton-Piallat, Marie-Luce, Siekmann, Arndt F, ...

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