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Conclusion: These results indicate that inhibition of Na+H+ exchange during ischemia is necessary to limit myocardial necrosis secondary to transient coronary occlusion, and that this action could be ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, David Garcia-Dorado, Miguel A González, José A Barrabés, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, Julia Solares, Rosa-Maria Lidon, José Blanco, Yolanda Puigfel, ...

Date : 01/07/1997

Methods and results The effect of acidic perfusion on reperfusion injury was studied in isolated rat hearts submitted to 40 min of ischaemia and 30 min of reperfusion, and its effect on the ...

Cardiovascular Research, ORIGINALS, Javier Inserte, Ignasi Barba, Víctor Hernando, Arancha Abellán, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, Antonio Rodríguez-Sinovas, David Garcia-Dorado

Date : 01/03/2008

[...]the so-called Ca2+ paradox (hypercontracture and death of cardiomyocytes occurring upon restoration of Ca2+ after a Ca2+-free perfusion period) was meant to be a first cellular model of ...

Cardiovascular Research, REVIEWS: SPOTLIGHT ON REDUCING MYOCARDIAL ISCHAEMIA/REPERFUSION INJURY, David Garcia-Dorado, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, Javier Inserte, Antonio Rodriguez-Sinovas, Hans Michael Piper

Date : 01/05/2012

The purpose of this study was to determine whether stimulation of particulate guanylyl cyclase with the natriuretic peptide urodilatin, given at the time of reperfusion, reduces myocardial necrosis ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Javier Inserte, David Garcia-Dorado, Luis Agulló, Amaya Paniagua, Jordi Soler-Soler

Date : 14/01/2000

Mitochondrial Ca2+ uptake (Rhod-2 fluorescence) and cytosolic Ca2+ rise (Fura-2 ratio fluorescence) were further investigated in HL-1 cardiac myocytes submitted to SI/SR, and the effect of reducing ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, David Garcia-Dorado, Elisabet Miró-Casas, Arancha Abellán, Jordi Soler-Soler

Date : 01/09/2006

Methods: Calpain activity and degradation of different structural proteins were studied along with the extent of necrosis in isolated rat hearts submitted to 60 min of ischemia and 30 min of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Research Article, Javier Inserte, David Garcia-Dorado, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, Luis Agulló, Pilar Pina, Jordi Soler-Soler

Date : 01/10/2004

Methods and results In this study we verified the presence of mCx43 by a mass spectrometry-based proteomic approach in purified mitochondrial preparations from mouse myocardium and determined by ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Elisabet Miro-Casas, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, Esperanza Agullo, Sabine Stahlhofen, Antonio Rodrı́guez-Sinovas, Alberto Cabestrero, Inmaculada Jorge, Iratxe ...

Date : 01/09/2009

Initially thought to participate only in propagation of the electrical impulse, Cx43 gap junction channels were later shown to mediate metabolic coupling between neighbouring cells, and to associate ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, David Garcia-Dorado, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, Antonio Rodríguez-Sinovas

Date : 01/07/2014

Methods: The myocardial content of 99mTc-labelled platelets was analyzed in 26 pigs submitted to intimal injury of the left anterior descending coronary artery (LAD) followed by no intervention ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, José A Barrabés, David Garcia-Dorado, Bernat Soriano, Julia Solares, Yolanda Puigfel, Lourdes Trobo, Ana Garcia-Lafuente, Jordi Soler-Soler

Date : 01/08/2000

The present study tested the hypothesis that l-arginine supplementation, at doses used in patients [15], protects myocardium against necrosis induced by transient coronary occlusion by preventing ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Ferran Padilla, David Garcia-Dorado, Luis Agulló, Javier Inserte, Amaya Paniagua, Sonia Mirabet, José A. Barrabés, Marisol Ruiz-Meana, Jordi ...

Date : 01/06/2000