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Differential effects of MS-551 and E-4031 on action potentials and the delayed rectifier K+ current in rabbit ventricular myocytes

Cardiovascular Research, Cheng, Jianhua, Kamiya, Kaichiro, Kodama, Itsuo, Toyama, Junji

Date : 01/06/1996

Calmodulin/CaMKII inhibition improves intercellular communication and impulse propagation in the heart and is antiarrhythmic under conditions when fibrosis is absent AimIn healthy hearts, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Takanari, Hiroki, Bourgonje, Vincent J.A., Fontes, Magda S.C., Raaijmakers, Antonia J.A., Driessen, Helen, Jansen, John A., van der Nagel, Roel, Kok, Bart, van Stuijvenberg, ...

Date : 01/09/2016 Item size : 168750 bytes

Department of Thoracic Surgery, School of Medicine, Nagoya University: S Katoh, A Koike, T Abe; Department of Circulation, Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, Nagoya University, Nagoya, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Katoh, Satoru, Toyama, Junji, Kodama, Itsuo, Koike, Akira, Abe, Toshio

Date : 01/08/1993 Item size : 120274 bytes

Role of platelet activating factor in ischaemia-reperfusion injury of isolated rabbit hearts: protective effect of a specific platelet activating factor antagonist, TCV-309

Cardiovascular Research, Katoh, Satoru, Toyama, Junji, Kodama, Itsuo, Koike, Akira, Abe, Toshio

Date : 01/08/1993

Too much electrical coupling will turn the SA node silent, because its membrane will be clamped to a more negative potential than the normal maximal diastolic potential despite its intrinsic ...

Cardiovascular Research, Honjo, Haruo, Boyett, Mark R, Coppen, Steven R, Takagishi, Yoshiko, Opthof, Tobias, Severs, Nicholas J, Kodama, Itsuo

Date : 01/01/2002

Abstract Aims The aim of this study was to investigate the role of gap junctions in atrial fibrillation (AF) by analysing the effects of a gap junction enhancer and blocker on AF vulnerability and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Ueda, Norihiro, Yamamoto, Mitsuru, Honjo, Haruo, Kodama, Itsuo, Kamiya, Kaichiro

Date : 01/11/2014

If analogous Cx43 up-regulation is induced in the diseased heart, it would provide a new perspective in radiation therapy for arrhythmias. Methods: Non-transmural myocardial infarction (MI) was ...

Cardiovascular Research, Amino, Mari, Yoshioka, Koichiro, Tanabe, Teruhisa, Tanaka, Etsuro, Mori, Hidezo, Furusawa, Yoshiya, Zareba, Wojciech, Yamazaki, Masatoshi, Nakagawa, Harumichi, Honjo, Haruo, ...

Date : 01/12/2006 Item size : 316514 bytes

Design Conventional glass microelectrode techniques were used to record transmembrane action potentials and their maximum upstroke velocity (dV/dtmax) reflecting the sodium channel availability, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kawamura, Takashi, Kodama, Itsuo, Toyama, Junji, Hayashi, Hiroshi, Saito, Hidehiko, Yamada, Kazuo

Date : 01/11/1990 Item size : 109456 bytes

Beat to beat alterations in fura-2 fluorescence and cell edge movement on resumption of stimulation were recorded on video tape, and analysed by a computer based image processing ...

Cardiovascular Research, Hattori, Yoshihiro, Toyama, Junji, Kodama, Itsuo

Date : 01/08/1991 Item size : 106758 bytes

Abstract Objectives: Loss of cardiac cells and the anatomical or functional remodeling of intercellular coupling occur under several pathological conditions. Treatment of the cultured myocytes at ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yasui, Kenji, Kada, Kenji, Hojo, Mayumi, Lee, Jong-Kook, Kamiya, Kaichiro, Toyama, Junji, Opthof, Tobias, Kodama, Itsuo

Date : 01/10/2000 Item size : 285426 bytes