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Abstract AimIn healthy hearts, ventricular gap junctions are mainly composed by connexin43 (Cx43) and localize in the intercalated disc, enabling appropriate electrical coupling. Reduced expression ...

Cardiovascular Research, Takanari, Hiroki, Bourgonje, Vincent J.A., Fontes, Magda S.C., Raaijmakers, Antonia J.A., Driessen, Helen, Jansen, John A., van der Nagel, Roel, Kok, Bart, van Stuijvenberg, ...

Date : 01/09/2016 Item size : 402408 bytes

Here we investigated the effects of overexpression of MK by adenoviral gene transfer on cardiac function and remodelling in an experimental rat MI model. Heart weight (HW) and relative HW of AdMK ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sumida, Arihiro, Horiba, Mitsuru, Ishiguro, Hisaaki, Takenaka, Hiroharu, Ueda, Norihiro, Ooboshi, Hiroaki, Opthof, Tobias, Kadomatsu, Kenji, Kodama, Itsuo

Date : 01/04/2010 Item size : 297087 bytes

Abstract Objectives: Cardiac hypertrophy is characterized by a prolongation of action potential duration (APD) and a reduction of outward K+ currents, primarily the transient outward current ...

Cardiovascular Research, Guo, Weinong, Kamiya, Kaichiro, Yasui, Kenji, Kodama, Itsuo, Toyama, Junji

Date : 01/01/1999 Item size : 284134 bytes

Methods: In the atria of the rat, the localisation of HCN4 and connexins was determined using immunohistochemistry, and electrical activity was recorded using extracellular electrodes. The same ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yamamoto, Mitsuru, Dobrzynski, Halina, Tellez, James, Niwa, Ryoko, Billeter, Rudi, Honjo, Haruo, Kodama, Itsuo, Boyett, Mark R.

Date : 01/11/2006

Abstract Aims Long QT syndrome (LQTS) is an inheritable and life-threatening disease; however, it is often difficult to determine disease characteristics in sporadic cases with novel mutations, and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Egashira, Toru, Yuasa, Shinsuke, Suzuki, Tomoyuki, Aizawa, Yoshiyasu, Yamakawa, Hiroyuki, Matsuhashi, Tomohiro, Ohno, Yohei, Tohyama, Shugo, Okata, Shinichiro, Seki, ...

Date : 01/09/2012 Item size : 348491 bytes

Methods: Extracellular potentials were recorded from the endocardial surface of the SA node in isolated right atrial preparations of rabbits through custom-made modified bipolar electrodes with ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yamamoto, Mitsuru, Honjo, Haruo, Niwa, Ryoko, Kodama, Itsuo

Date : 01/08/1998 Item size : 306456 bytes

Objective: In a computer simulation study to mimic cardiac action potential, the total open time of the sodium channel at each excitation has been shown by other authors to be longer during ...

Cardiovascular Research, Iida, Masato, Kodama, Itsuo, Toyama, Junji

Date : 01/04/1996 Item size : 97340 bytes

Pacing-induced heart failure causes a reduction of delayed rectifier potassium currents along with decreases in calcium and transient outward currents in rabbit ventricle Abstract Objective: Heart ...

Cardiovascular Research, Tsuji, Yukiomi, Opthof, Tobias, Kamiya, Kaichiro, Yasui, Kenji, Liu, Weiran, Lu, Zhibo, Kodama, Itsuo

Date : 01/11/2000

In UM-X7.1 hamsters, olmesartan improved abnormal ID ultrastructural changes, attenuated the decrease of total cellular and nuclear β-catenin expression, decreased VT/VF induction, and improved ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yoshida, Masaaki, Ohkusa, Tomoko, Nakashima, Tadamitsu, Takanari, Hiroki, Yano, Masafumi, Takemura, Genzou, Honjo, Haruo, Kodama, Itsuo, Mizukami, Yoichi, Matsuzaki, Masunori

Date : 01/10/2011

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial (CAST) reported the harmful effects of flecainide, encainide and moricizine in patients with ventricular premature beats who had had myocardial infarction ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kodama, Itsuo, Kamiya, Kaichiro, Toyama, Junji

Date : 01/07/1997