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Design Conventional glass microelectrode techniques were used to record transmembrane action potentials and their maximum upstroke velocity (dV/dtmax) reflecting the sodium channel availability, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kawamura, Takashi, Kodama, Itsuo, Toyama, Junji, Hayashi, Hiroshi, Saito, Hidehiko, Yamada, Kazuo

Date : 01/11/1990 Item size : 109456 bytes

Beat to beat alterations in fura-2 fluorescence and cell edge movement on resumption of stimulation were recorded on video tape, and analysed by a computer based image processing ...

Cardiovascular Research, Hattori, Yoshihiro, Toyama, Junji, Kodama, Itsuo

Date : 01/08/1991 Item size : 106758 bytes