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An analysis of the underlying causes identifies improvements in quality of care and treatment as a major cause, accounting from 50 up to 75% of the success depending on the study samples, the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sipido, Karin R., Tedgui, Alain, Kristensen, Steen D., Pasterkamp, Gerard, Schunkert, Heribert, Wehling, Martin, Steg, Philippe G., Eisert, Wolfgang, Rademakers, Frank, ...

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To answer this we take a closer look at the nature of scientific publishing, the current (com)motions surrounding it, and the expectations of stakeholders. 1. Scientific publishing and metrics ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sipido, Karin R.

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Abstract Aims The histidine-rich calcium-binding protein (HRC) Ser96Ala variant has previously been identified as a potential biomarker for ventricular arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Tzimas, Christos, Johnson, Daniel M., Santiago, Demetrio J., Vafiadaki, Elizabeth, Arvanitis, Demetrios A., Davos, Constantinos H., Varela, Aimilia, Athanasiadis, Nikolaos ...

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The Council on Basic Cardiovascular Science (CBCS) Summer School, now in its 5th edition, keeps attracting the best young scientists to the ESC Heart House for five exciting days of science, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sipido, Karin R., Vandevelde, Wouter

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[...]most documents include both terms, so if we compare the publications that exclusively cover the left ventricle we get 6270 documents, and in contrast there are only 2737 publications ...

Cardiovascular Research, Vandevelde, Wouter, Gal, Diane, Sipido, Karin R.

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The publications cover a wide range of topics and a brief overview of the images is presented here. 2.1 Mechanisms of arrhythmias Wagner et al.1 illustrate the role of calcium handling and of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Gal, Diane, Sipido, Karin R., Vandevelde, Wouter

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The CBCS aims to advance basic science and its relation to clinical practice and to provide a Europe-wide forum for cardiovascular research societies, stimulating collaboration. The Council ...

Cardiovascular Research, Cerbai, Elisabetta, Sipido, Karin R., Badimon, Lina

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Increasing cluster fragmentation to the level observed in AF cells caused the observed changes, i.e. higher spark frequency, increased TTP and duration; RyR clusters dispersed between Z-lines ...

Cardiovascular Research, Macquaide, Niall, Tuan, Hoang-Trong Minh, Hotta, Jun-ichi, Sempels, Wouter, Lenaerts, Ilse, Holemans, Patricia, Hofkens, Johan, Jafri, M. Saleet, Willems, Rik, Sipido, Karin ...

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According to Wikipedia [ (29 September 2017, date last accessed)], this is a phrase coined to describe the pressure in academia to rapidly and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sipido, Karin R., Gal, Diane, Luttun, Aernout, Janssens, Stefan, Sampaolesi, Maurilio, Holvoet, Paul

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At the occasion of this Spotlight Issue, the journal presents a collection of relevant original research articles and short reviews in the field of AF that were recently published in Cardiovascular ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sipido, Karin R.

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