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[...]GPA prolonged atrial refractory period and decreased AF vulnerability (75 ± 8 to 30 ± 10%, P< 0.05), AF duration (617 ± 246 to 39 ± 23 s, **P< 0.01), and DF (11.4 ± 0.6 to 8.6 ...

Cardiovascular Research, ORIGINAL ARTICLES: FOCUS ON THE MOLECULAR BASIS OF ATRIAL FIBRILLATION, Kunihiro Nishida, Ange Maguy, Masao Sakabe, Philippe Comtois, Hiroshi Inoue, Stanley Nattel

Date : 01/03/2011

Atrial cellular arrhythmia mechanisms have not been defined in congenital LQTS. [...]we studied atrial cardiomyocyte electrophysiology in mice with an LQTS3 SCN5A inactivation-impairing mutation ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Marc D. Lemoine, James Elber Duverger, Patrice Naud, Denis Chartier, Xiao Yan Qi, Philippe Comtois, Larissa Fabritz, Paulus Kirchhof, Stanley Nattel

Date : 01/10/2011

Figure 6 Mean ± SEM Cav3.1 and Cav3.2-mRNA expression in left atrial (LA) and LV tissues at baseline and 4 weeks post-MI, for Cav3.1+/+ and Cav3.1 (A and B) and Cav3.2+/+ and Cav3.2 (C and D) ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Khai Le Quang, Patrice Naud, Xiao-Yan Qi, Francine Duval, Yan-Fen Shi, Marc-Antoine Gillis, Philippe Comtois, Jean-Claude Tardif, Danshi Li, Paul C. ...

Date : 01/08/2011