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The non-selective adenosine receptor antagonist SPT, which itself had no effect on IS (74±1%), blunted the protection by IP (IS=57±2%, P<0.05) in a dose of 2×5 mg/kg i.v., and abolished the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Liem, David A, van den Doel, Mirella A, de Zeeuw, Sandra, Verdouw, Pieter D, Duncker, Dirk J

Date : 01/09/2001 Item size : 205408 bytes

The aim of this study was to determine whether insulin-like growth factors (IGF) as well as their receptors and binding proteins (IGFBP), which control the activity of the IGF, may play an important ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kluge, Angelika, Zimmermann, René, Münkel, Brigitte, Verdouw, Pieter D, Schaper, Jutta, Schaper, Wolfgang

Date : 01/05/1995

Objective: Oxygen consumption (MVO2) of stunned myocardium is relatively high compared to, and poorly correlated with, systolic contractile function. Methods: In 13 anaesthetised open thorax pigs ...

Cardiovascular Research, Fan, Dongsheng, Soei, Loe Kie, Sassen, Loes MA, Krams, Rob, Verdouw, Pieter D

Date : 01/03/1995

Max Planck Institute, Department of Experimental Cardiology, Benekestrasse 2, D-61231 Bad Nauheim, Germany: J Andres, H S Sharma, R Knöll, W Schaper; Max-Delbruck Centre for Molecular Medicine, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Andres, Janusz, Sharma, Hari S, Knöll, Ralph, Stahl, Joachim, Sassen, Loes M A, Verdouw, Pieter D, Schaper, Wolfgang

Date : 01/08/1993

Methods: In seven anaesthetised open chest pigs, the flow in the proximal left anterior descending coronary artery was reduced to 30% of baseline during 30 min before the vessel was occluded ...

Cardiovascular Research, Koning, Monique M G, Simonis, Laurens A J, Zeeuw, Sandra de, Nieukoop, Selma, Post, Sandor, Verdouw, Pieter D

Date : 01/08/1994 Item size : 120019 bytes

Abstract Objective: To test the hypothesis that mild hypothermia potentiates the cardioprotection afforded by ischaemic preconditioning so that infarct size limitation can be obtained after coronary ...

Cardiovascular Research, van den Doel, Mirella A, Gho, Ben C.G, Duval, Stanley Y, Schoemaker, Regien G, Duncker, Dirk J, Verdouw, Pieter D

Date : 01/01/1998 Item size : 182419 bytes

Objective: In order to determine whether the relatively high oxygen consumption of stunned myocardium is related to decreased mechanical efficiency, myocardial oxygen consumption (MVO2) and its major ...

Cardiovascular Research, Krams, Rob, Duncker, Dirk J, McFalls, Edward O, Hogendoorn, Anja, Verdouw, Pieter D

Date : 01/05/1993 Item size : 105013 bytes

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Erasmus University Rotterdam, PO Box 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands Laboratory for Experimental Cardiology, Thoraxcenter: D J Duncker, E O McFalls, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Lamers, Jos M J, Duncker, Dirk J, Bezstarosti, Karel, McFalls, Edward O, Sassen, Loes M A, Verdouw, Pieter D

Date : 01/03/1993 Item size : 110735 bytes

Effect of bimakalim (EMD 52692), an opener of ATP sensitive potassium channels, on infarct size, coronary blood flow, regional wall function, and oxygen consumption in swine

Cardiovascular Research, Rohmann, Sven, Weygandt, Heinrich, Schelling, Pierre, Soei, Loe Kie, Becker, Karl-Heinz, Verdouw, Pieter D, Lues, Inge, Häusler, Günther

Date : 01/06/1994

Register Commentaries on this month's Cardiovascular Controversy: the merits and demerits of animal experimentation From W J van der Giessen and P D Verdouw - 24 Hours access EUR 33.00 GBP £26.00 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Giessen, Willem J van der, Verdouw, Pieter D

Date : 01/07/1994 Item size : 98474 bytes