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Conclusion: These results demonstrate for the first time that the mitoKATP channel opener diazoxide can act as a trigger of preconditioning by a mechanism involving mitochondrial swelling and the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Carroll, Richard, Gant, Vanya A, Yellon, Derek M

Date : 01/09/2001 Item size : 275299 bytes

Abstract Objective: The cytokine cardiotrophin-1 (CT-1) has previously been shown to protect cultured cardiocytes from cell death induced by serum removal or hypoxia when administered prior to the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Brar, Bhawanjit K, Stephanou, Anastasis, Liao, Zhihong, O'Leary, Rhona M, Pennica, Diane, Yellon, Derek M, Latchman, David S

Date : 01/08/2001

Abstract Background: Recent studies have postulated that mitochondrial ATP-sensitive potassium (mitoKATP) channel activation may modulate mitochondrial function with the resultant induction of a ...

Cardiovascular Research, Minners, Jan, van den Bos, Ewout J, Yellon, Derek M, Schwalb, Herzl, Opie, Lionel H, Sack, Michael N

Date : 01/07/2000

Abstract Objective: The opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP) in the first few minutes of post-ischaemic reperfusion is a critical determinant of reperfusion-induced cell ...

Cardiovascular Research, Hausenloy, Derek J, Duchen, Michael R, Yellon, Derek M

Date : 01/12/2003

To determine whether NO mediated protection was via opening of the putative mitochondrial KATP channel and/or free radical synthesis, SNAP perfused hearts were also treated with the mitochondrial ...

Cardiovascular Research, Bell, Robert M, Maddock, Helen L, Yellon, Derek M

Date : 01/02/2003

Hatter Department of Academic Cardiology, University College Hospital, Gower St, London WCIE 6AU, United Kingdom: D M Yellon, E Iliodromitis, D S Latchman; University of South Alabama, Mobile, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yellon, Derek M, Iliodromitis, Efstahthios, Latchman, David S, Winkle, Dona M Van, Downey, James M, Williams, Frances M, Williams, Timothy J

Date : 01/04/1992 Item size : 112250 bytes

A single five minute period of rapid atrial pacing fails to limit infarct size in the in situ rabbit heart

Cardiovascular Research, Marber, Michael S, Walker, David M, Eveson, David J, Walker, J Malcolm, Yellon, Derek M

Date : 01/04/1993 Item size : 105856 bytes

Stress proteins – an endogenous route to myocardial protection: fact or fiction?

Cardiovascular Research, Yellon, Derek M, Latchman, David S, Marber, Michael S

Date : 01/02/1993

Study objective Intracoronary or intravenous adenosine during reperfusion in combination with lignocaine may attenuate reperfusion injury and limit myocardial infarct size in the canine heart. The ...

Cardiovascular Research, Goto, Mahiko, Miura, Tetsuji, Iliodoromitis, Efstathios K, O'Leary, Edward L, Ishimoto, Row, Yellon, Derek M, Iimura, Osamu

Date : 01/11/1991 Item size : 105326 bytes

Ischaemic preconditioning: from mechanisms to exploitation

Cardiovascular Research, Walker, David M, Yellon, Derek M

Date : 01/08/1992