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A single five minute period of rapid atrial pacing fails to limit infarct size in the in situ rabbit heart

Cardiovascular Research, Marber, Michael S, Walker, David M, Eveson, David J, Walker, J Malcolm, Yellon, Derek M

Date : 01/04/1993 Item size : 105856 bytes

Stress proteins – an endogenous route to myocardial protection: fact or fiction?

Cardiovascular Research, Yellon, Derek M, Latchman, David S, Marber, Michael S

Date : 01/02/1993

The Hatter Institute for Cardiovascular Studies, Department of Academic Cardiology, University College and Middlesex Hospital, Gower Street, London WClE 6AU, United Kingdom: D M Yellon, A M ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yellon, Derek M, Alkhulaifi, Abdul M, Browne, Emma E, Pugsley, Wilf B

Date : 01/10/1992