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Clinical and Regulatory Implications was held at the European Heart House in Sophia Antipolis, France, on the initiative of Günter Breithardt, FESC, FACC, on June 24th and 25th, 1999 after formal ...

Cardiovascular Research, Special article, Wilhelm Haverkamp, Günter Breithardt, A.John Camm, Michiel J Janse, Michael R Rosen, Charles Antzelevitch, Denis Escande, Michael Franz, Marek Malik, ...

Date : 01/08/2000 Item size : 431844 bytes

Abstract Sudden cardiac death, which is mainly associated with the presence of life-threatening ventricular arrhythmias, is a common killer among patients with coronary artery disease. [...]atrial ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, M.S. Kostapanos, E.N. Liberopoulos, J.A. Goudevenos, D.P. Mikhailidis, M.S. Elisaf

Date : 01/07/2007 Item size : 443130 bytes

[...]we suggest future studies designed to unravel the detailed molecular, cellular and pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for AF initiation and maintenance. Fibrillation, like flutter, may ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, José Jalife, Omer Berenfeld, Moussa Mansour

Date : 01/05/2002 Item size : 381745 bytes

KeywordsArrhythmia (mechanisms)Conduction (block)Impulse formationMappingSupraventricular arrhythmiaTime for primary review 23 days. 1 Introduction There has been a long recognized clinical ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Albert L. Waldo

Date : 01/05/2002 Item size : 409684 bytes

In order for improved antiarrhythmic drug therapy to be developed, it is essential to understand the fundamental mechanisms that cause proarrhythmic reactions to antiarrhythmic ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Stanley Nattel

Date : 01/03/1998 Item size : 434656 bytes

Abstract Objectives: The expression and distribution of connexins is abnormal in a number of cardiac diseases, including atrial fibrillation, and is believed to favor conduction slowing and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Catherine Rucker-Martin, Paul Milliez, Sisareuth Tan, Xavier Decrouy, Michel Recouvreur, Roger Vranckx, Claude Delcayre, Jean-François Renaud, Irene ...

Date : 01/10/2006 Item size : 317530 bytes

Abstract Aims Previous studies showed that autonomic activation by high-frequency electrical stimulation (HFS) during myocardial refractoriness evokes rapid firing from pulmonary vein (PV) and atria, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Zhibing Lu, Benjamin J. Scherlag, Jiaxiong Lin, Lilei Yu, Ji-Hong Guo, Guodong Niu, Warren M. Jackman, Ralph Lazzara, Hong Jiang, Sunny S. Po

Date : 01/11/2009 Item size : 260108 bytes

Only EAT is in direct contact with the adjacent myocardium without any barrier that could limit paracrine crosstalk between the two tissues, which is also facilitated by a dense vasavasorum network.1 ...

Cardiovascular Research, INVITED SPOTLIGHT REVIEWS, Stéphane N. Hatem, Alban Redheuil, Estelle Gandjbakhch

Date : 01/04/2016 Item size : 455464 bytes

[...]as we hope that the previous section has highlighted, to generalize oxidative stress as one single biological entity is counterproductive for the understanding of both the mechanism of action by ...

Cardiovascular Research, INVITED SPOTLIGHT REVIEWS, Jillian N. Simon, Klemen Ziberna, Barbara Casadei

Date : 01/04/2016 Item size : 519469 bytes

Results: Beat-to-beat variations in contractile function during atrial fibrillation in the patients were recorded as LVdP/dtmax and left ventricular ejection (ascending aortic) velocity integral ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Suzanna M.C Hardman, Mark I.M Noble, Tony Biggs, W.Anthony Seed

Date : 01/04/1998 Item size : 275972 bytes