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Based on these novel SHR phenotypes, we further hypothesized that (i) treatment of SHR with an inhibitory oligodinucleotide for TLR9 (ODN2088) would lower blood pressure and that (ii) treatment of ...

Cardiovascular Research, McCarthy, Cameron G., Wenceslau, Camilla F., Goulopoulou, Styliani, Ogbi, Safia, Baban, Babak, Sullivan, Jennifer C., Matsumoto, Takayuki, Webb, R. Clinton

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Morphogenetic mechanisms 290 MiR-133 regulates retinoic acid pathway during early cardiac chamber specification D Franco D Franco 2 University of Jaen, Department of Experimental Biology , Jaen , ...

Cardiovascular Research

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Jesper Bäckdahl is a resident in Endocrinology and PhD student under the supervision of Mikael Rydén. Dr Bäckdahl holds a master degree in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Bäckdahl, Jesper, Rydén, Mikael

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Hypertension affects approximately 3040% of adults worldwide1 and is one of the common denominators for both macrovascular and microvascular disease.2 Angiotensin-II is one of the most potent ...

Cardiovascular Research, de Jager, Saskia C A, Hoefer, Imo E

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