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Fortunately, drug therapy along with dietary and lifestyle changes can reduce blood pressure and, therefore, the complications of hypertension in most individuals. While the precise cause of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Jawahar L. Mehta, Zufeng Ding, Shijie Liu, Xianwei Wang, Magomed Khaidakov

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Currently, a wealth of susceptibility loci have been identified, i.e. the latest association analysis took the number of susceptibility loci for coronary artery disease to 46.4 With the exception of ...


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In chronic heart failure, the aldosterone activity is inappropriately elevated, causing salt retention; it has been argued that the resulting calcium wasting causes secondary ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Andreas Tomaschitz, Eberhard Ritz, Burkert Pieske, Astrid Fahrleitner-Pammer, Katharina Kienreich, Jörg H. Horina, Christiane Drechsler, Winfried März, Michael ...

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Abstract Aldosterone is well recognized as a cause of sodium reabsorption, water retention, and potassium and magnesium loss; however, it also produces a variety of other actions that lead to ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Allan D Struthers, Thomas M MacDonald

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[...]UV light and heat stimulate the synthesis of protective compounds such as anthocyanins [57]; phenolic-rich crops such as grapes, olives and heavily pigmented vegetables are particularly abundant ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Francesco Visioli, Luisa Borsani, Claudio Galli

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The review article from Frueh et al.8 embraces this complexity and describes the current challenges of large data sets and the application of systems biology in the exploration of the effects of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Paul C. Evans, Brenda R. Kwak

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Abstract Calcific aortic valve disease is frequently driven by ageing and the obesity-associated metabolic syndrome, and the increasing impact of these factors indicates that valve disease will ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, K.J. Grande-Allen, N. Osman, M.L. Ballinger, H. Dadlani, S. Marasco, P.J. Little

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Ageing affects cardiomyocytes at several subcellular and molecular levels, including alterations at the level of the DNA (mutations and telomere shortening), increased oxidative stress [reactive ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Kerstin Boengler, Rainer Schulz, Gerd Heusch

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Exposure of endothelial cells may lead to rapid activation of coagulation via tissue factor (TF) expression and the loss of anticoagulant properties by impairment of antithrombin III, TF pathway ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Tymen T Keller, Albert T.A Mairuhu, Martijn D de Kruif, Saskia K Klein, Victor E.A Gerdes, Hugo ten Cate, Dees P.M Brandjes, Marcel Levi, Eric C.M van Gorp

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Abstract Objective: Endothelial dysfunction is an early risk factor for cardiovascular disease and hypertension. Results: In cultured aortic endothelial cells, iptakalim caused a ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Hai Wang, Chaoliang Long, Zhibian Duan, Cuige Shi, Guodong Jia, Yingli Zhang

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