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Remarkably, as the ΔΨm dissipates, i.e. under hypoxic conditions or when H+ influx follows an alternative route not coupled to energy production, mitochondria can act as ATP consumers by ...

Cardiovascular Research, Ruiz-Meana, Marisol, Fernandez-Sanz, Celia, Garcia-Dorado, David

Date : 01/10/2010 Item size : 610748 bytes

Methods: Calpain activity and degradation of different structural proteins were studied along with the extent of necrosis in isolated rat hearts submitted to 60 min of ischemia and 30 min of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Inserte, Javier, Garcia-Dorado, David, Ruiz-Meana, Marisol, Agulló, Luis, Pina, Pilar, Soler-Soler, Jordi

Date : 01/10/2004 Item size : 295461 bytes

Intravenous administration of the natriuretic peptide urodilatin at low doses during coronary reperfusion limits infarct size in anesthetized pigs The dose of intravenous URO necessary to obtain the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Padilla, Ferran, Garcia-Dorado, David, Agulló, Luis, Barrabés, José A, Inserte, Javier, Escalona, Noelia, Meyer, Markus, Mirabet, Maribel, Pina, Pilar, Soler-Soler, ...

Date : 15/08/2001 Item size : 299203 bytes

The original description Twenty-five years is a long time in biomedical research, and most of today's cardiovascular scientists were at university or high school when ischaemic preconditioning was ...

Cardiovascular Research, Garcia-Dorado, David, Barba, Ignasi, Inserte, Javier

Date : 01/08/2011 Item size : 188883 bytes

[...]the so-called Ca2+ paradox (hypercontracture and death of cardiomyocytes occurring upon restoration of Ca2+ after a Ca2+-free perfusion period) was meant to be a first cellular model of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Garcia-Dorado, David, Ruiz-Meana, Marisol, Inserte, Javier, Rodriguez-Sinovas, Antonio, Piper, Hans Michael

Date : 01/05/2012 Item size : 742256 bytes

In myocardium, gap junction communication is altered during ischemia, which contributes to the development of arrhythmias, but still allows synchronization of the onset of rigor contracture in the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Garcia-Dorado, David, Ruiz-Meana, Marisol, Padilla, Ferran, Rodriguez-Sinovas, Antonio, Mirabet, Maribel

Date : 15/08/2002 Item size : 556417 bytes

Research on the mechanisms leading to sarcolemmal rupture and necrosis during initial reperfusion identified several promising pharmacological targets directed either to correct the alterations in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Inserte, Javier, Barrabés, José A., Hernando, Víctor, Garcia-Dorado, David

Date : 15/07/2009 Item size : 459107 bytes

Methods Intracellular Na+ concentration ([Na+]i) measured using 23Na-magnetic resonance spectroscopy, Na+/K+-ATPase activity, detachment of Na+/K+-ATPase α subunits from the membrane cytoskeleton, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Inserte, Javier, Garcia-Dorado, David, Hernando, Victor, Barba, Ignasi, Soler-Soler, Jordi

Date : 01/05/2006 Item size : 331955 bytes

Despite its overall beneficial effect, experimental myocardial reperfusion was associated with prominent arrhythmias, enzyme release, and other adverse phenomena that were grouped under the imprecise ...

Cardiovascular Research, Garcia-Dorado, David, Piper, Hans Michael

Date : 01/01/2006

Lowering perfusion flow to 50% during reperfusion cycles or shortening the cycles (12 cycles of 5 s ischemiareperfusion) resulted in a further delay in pHi recovery (4.1 ± 0.2 and 3.5 ± 0.3 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Inserte, Javier, Barba, Ignasi, Hernando, Víctor, Garcia-Dorado, David

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