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[...]the paper by Van Hout et al.7 is a welcome reminder that, before moving into the clinical arena, we should carefully assess whether the experimental data available are sufficiently convincing ...

Cardiovascular Research, Tritto, Isabella, Ambrosio, Giuseppe

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Aims To resolve the controversy as to whether periostin plays a role in myocardial regeneration after myocardial infarction (MI), we created a neonatal mouse model of MI to investigate the influence ...

Cardiovascular Research, Chen, Zhenhuan, Xie, Jiahe, Hao, Huixin, Lin, Hairuo, Wang, Long, Zhang, Yingxue, Chen, Lin, Cao, Shiping, Huang, Xiaobo, Liao, Wangjun, Bin, Jianping, Liao, Yulin

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Noninvasive detection of perivascular inflammation by coronary computed tomography in the CRISP-CT study and its implications for residual cardiovascular risk Watch the Cardiovascular Research ...

Cardiovascular Research, Desai, Milind Y

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Abstract Aims Human epicardial adipose tissue (EAT) is a visceral and perivascular fat that has been shown to act locally on myocardium, atria, and coronary arteries. Methods and results Samples of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Gaborit, Bénédicte, Venteclef, Nicolas, Ancel, Patricia, Pelloux, Véronique, Gariboldi, Vlad, Leprince, Pascal, Amour, Julien, Hatem, Stéphane N., Jouve, ...

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Morphogenetic mechanisms 290 MiR-133 regulates retinoic acid pathway during early cardiac chamber specification D Franco D Franco 2 University of Jaen, Department of Experimental Biology , Jaen , ...

Cardiovascular Research

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In addition to the cardiac damage that develops due to ischemia, the re-opening of the occluded coronary artery, the so-called reperfusion, has been identified as a major trigger of cardiac cell ...

Cardiovascular Research, Frankenreiter, Sandra, Groneberg, Dieter, Kuret, Anna, Krieg, Thomas, Ruth, Peter, Friebe, Andreas, Lukowski, Robert

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