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The goal of revascularization in stable coronary artery disease (SCAD) is to relieve the myocardium from flow-limiting coronary artery disease. Positron emission tomography (PET) using tracers of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Berry, Colin, Bengel, Frank M

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Methods and results In a prospective, multicentre observational study, CFR was measured by 15O-water positron emission tomography as the ratio of stress to rest myocardial blood flow at baseline and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Aikawa, Tadao, Naya, Masanao, Obara, Masahiko, Manabe, Osamu, Magota, Keiichi, Koyanagawa, Kazuhiro, Asakawa, Naoya, Ito, Yoichi M, Shiga, Tohru, Katoh, Chietsugu, Anzai, ...

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Noninvasive detection of perivascular inflammation by coronary computed tomography in the CRISP-CT study and its implications for residual cardiovascular risk Watch the Cardiovascular Research ...

Cardiovascular Research, Desai, Milind Y

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MI was induced by mid-left anterior descending coronary artery balloon occlusion (60min) and animals received the maintenance doses for the following 42days. Introduction Dual antiplatelet therapy ...

Cardiovascular Research, Vilahur, Gemma, Gutiérrez, Manuel, Casani, Laura, Lambert, Carmen, Mendieta, Guiomar, Ben-Aicha, Soumaya, Capdevila, Antoni, Pons-Lladó, Guillem, Carreras, Francesc, ...

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Introduction Proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) plays a regulatory role in cholesterol homeostasis by promoting low-density lipoprotein receptor (LDLr) degradation. [...]PCSK9 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Ding, Zufeng, Wang, Xianwei, Liu, Shijie, Shahanawaz, Jiwani, Theus, Sue, Fan, Yubo, Deng, Xiaoyan, Zhou, Sichang, Mehta, Jawahar L

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Biography Dr Mario Gaudino completed his medical training at the Catholic University in Rome and his Fellowship in Adult Cardiac Surgery at the University of Chieti. In 2017 he was appointed Chair ...

Cardiovascular Research, Gaudino, Mario, Taggart, David P

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[...]we discuss the potential for discovery of novel treatment targets through the integration of different layers of omics data and the application of systems genetics approaches. [...]we provide a ...

Cardiovascular Research, Erdmann, Jeanette, Kessler, Thorsten, Munoz Venegas, Loreto, Schunkert, Heribert

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In addition to the cardiac damage that develops due to ischemia, the re-opening of the occluded coronary artery, the so-called reperfusion, has been identified as a major trigger of cardiac cell ...

Cardiovascular Research, Frankenreiter, Sandra, Groneberg, Dieter, Kuret, Anna, Krieg, Thomas, Ruth, Peter, Friebe, Andreas, Lukowski, Robert

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Venous coronary artery bypass grafts are designed to reduce the consequences of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries by diverting blood flow around the atherosclerotic plaques. [...]vein grafts ...

Cardiovascular Research, Wadey, Kerry, Lopes, Joshua, Bendeck, Michelle, George, Sarah

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[...]medial calcification is linked to vessel stiffness, systolic hypertension, and increased pulse wave velocity leading to increased diastolic dysfunction and heart failure.2 Whilst originally ...

Cardiovascular Research, Durham, Andrew L, Speer, Mei Y, Scatena, Marta, Giachelli, Cecilia M, Shanahan, Catherine M

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