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Methods and results miR-214 is expressed in all major vascular cell types, and modulation of miR-214 levels in endothelial cells significantly affected tubular sprouting. Quaking knockdown reduced ...

Cardiovascular Research, ORIGINAL ARTICLES: FOCUS ON MICRORNA IN CARDIOVASCULAR BIOLOGY AND DISEASE, Alain van Mil, Sebastian Grundmann, Marie-José Goumans, Zhiyong Lei, Martinus I. Oerlemans, ...

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Methods: Granulocyte-monocyte colony stimulating factor mobilized human CD34+ cells were isolated and grown in culture in the presence of vascular endothelial growth factor (50 ng/ml) and basic ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Danièle Nakul-Aquaronne, Jacques Bayle, Christian Frelin

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HIF-1 consists of O2-regulated HIF-1α and constitutively expressed HIF-1β subunits.1 HIF-2α is a HIF-1α paralogue that is also involved in vascular responses to ischaemia.2,3 In humans, ...

Cardiovascular Research, SPOTLIGHT REVIEWS, Sergio Rey, Gregg L. Semenza

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In an ordered and sequential manner, however, the embryo rapidly transforms into a highly vascular organism, survival being dependent on a functional, complex network of capillary plexuses and blood ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Edward M. Conway, Désiré Collen, Peter Carmeliet

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During angiogenesis, endothelial cells (ECs) proliferate; connect to pre-existing blood vessels; and, through lumen formation, develop endothelial tubules (a process known as intussusception).1 After ...

Cardiovascular Research, Vascular biology and angiogenesis, Maureen Wanjare, Frederick Kuo, Sharon Gerecht

Date : 01/02/2013

Abstract Aims Intermittent claudication (IC) is one of the serious symptoms of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) and is characterized by pain in the legs or buttocks that worsens with exercise and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Noriko Okamoto, Akane Tanaka, Kyungsook Jung, Kaoru Karasawa, Kensuke Orito, Akira Matsuda, Yosuke Amagai, Kumiko Oida, Keitaro Ohmori, Hiroshi Matsuda

Date : 01/11/2011

Processes involved in the generation of new blood vessels during embryonic development, wound healing, ischemia, inflammation and tumor growth have captured the imagination of investigators for many ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Maria Teresa Rizzo

Date : 01/12/2004

The growth factor angiopoietin-1 (Ang1) has been identified as the primary activating ligand for Tie2, a tyrosine kinase receptor highly expressed in vascular endothelial cells.1 Genetic studies ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Pingnian He

Date : 01/07/2009

[...]donor ageing and culture senescence were shown to impair both the proliferation and contractile function of VSMCs,3 necessitating the development of novel approaches to restore their ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, Stelios T. Andreadis

Date : 01/04/2013

Fate-mapping studies indicate that VSMCs of the coronary artery are derived from the proepicardium and the proepicardial mesothelium, which represent somatic and splanchnic tissues of lateral plate ...

Cardiovascular Research, Vascular biology, Omar El-Mounayri, Anton Mihic, Eric A. Shikatani, Mark Gagliardi, Sarah K. Steinbach, Nicole Dubois, Ralph DaCosta, Ren-Ke Li, Gordon Keller, Mansoor Husain

Date : 01/04/2013