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When a patient presents with diffuse symptoms, deteriorating renal function, and heart block, endocarditis and vasculitis should be included in the differential diagnosis. In this case, with the ...

Heart, Electronic pages, M B Iqbal, N G Fisher, K M Fox

Date : 01/05/2005

K M Foxa, J R Hendersona, J C Kaskib, A Sachsec, L Kuesterc, S Wonnacott on behalf of the Third Clinical European Studies in Angina and Revascularisation (CESAR 3) Investigatorsd aRoyal Brompton and ...

Heart, Cardiovascular medicine, K M Fox, J R Henderson, J C Kaski, A Sachse, L Kuester, S Wonnacott

Date : 01/02/2000

Objective To determine whether a single blood test for the measurement of C reactive protein, or troponin I or T concentrations could be used to stratify patients with intractable unstable angina ...

Heart, Paper, N P Curzen, D J Patel, M Kemp, J Hooper, C J Knight, D Clarke, C Wright, K M Fox

Date : 01/07/1998

SETTING--A tertiary referral centre for cardiac and pulmonary disease, with facilities for invasive and non-invasive investigation, and assessment for heart and heart-lung ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, S J Brecker, J S Gibbs, K M Fox, M H Yacoub, D G Gibson

Date : 01/10/1994

OBJECTIVE--To assess whether intermittent transdermal treatment with glyceryl trinitrate causes clinically significant rebound in patients maintained on beta blockers for stable angina ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, D R Holdright, R J Katz, C A Wright, J L Sparrow, A K Sullivan, A D Cunningham, K M Fox

Date : 01/03/1993

PATIENTS AND METHODS--172 patients with stable angina attending the cardiac outpatients departments of Hillingdon Hospital (n = 155) and the National Heart Hospital (n = 17) were prospectively ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, D Mulcahy, J Parameshwar, D Holdright, C Wright, J Sparrow, G Sutton, K M Fox

Date : 01/01/1992

INTERVENTION--Continuous treatment with 10 mg per 24 hours of transdermal glyceryl trinitrate or intermittent transdermal glyceryl trinitrate titrated to give an arbitrary 10 mm Hg drop in systolic ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, K M Fox, H J Dargie, J Deanfield, A Maseri

Date : 01/08/1991

Circadian variation of heart rate is affected by environment: a study of continuous electrocardiographic monitoring in members of a symphony orchestra. Twenty four hour ambulatory ST segment ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, D Mulcahy, J Keegan, A Fingret, C Wright, A Park, J Sparrow, D Curcher, K M Fox

Date : 01/12/1990

The effect of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition on myocardial ischaemia was studied in 12 normotensive patients with chronic stable angina and exercise induced ST segment depression. The ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J Simon, R Gibbs, P A Crean, L Mockus, C Wright, G C Sutton, K M Fox

Date : 01/08/1989

Variation in pulmonary artery pressure has important consequences for the interpretation of isolated pressure measurements in patients with chronic heart failure. To investigate the nature of ...

British Heart Journal, Research Article, J S Gibbs, D Cunningham, L M Shapiro, A Park, P A Poole-Wilson, K M Fox

Date : 01/07/1989