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Medical meetings provide the opportunity for direct interaction, for question and answer, for debate, and for informal discussions that the medical literature cannot provide. [...]there is the ...

Date : 12/05/2269

During preclinical experiments with contrast we injected CO2 into the coronary artery of dogs and visualised intense myocardial opacification.

Date : 02/05/2269

All professionals having a genuine interest in the discipline of Cardiology and showing dedication to the ESC and its activities can apply for the ESC Fellowship. The candidate must prove scientific ...

Date : 10/06/2105

Dirk Sibbing (chair WG on Thrombosis) Victor Aboyans (chair WG on Aorta-PVD) Scientific committee members:

Date : 22/10/2020

ESC Congress 2020

Date : 29/08/2020

Key information Dates: 6-8 June 2020 Venue: KIT Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands As Amsterdam is home to a major sports competition with events in June 2020, we recommend that you ...

Date : 06/06/2020

There are also plans for a Pre-Meeting on Thursday 16 April, focusing on advanced imaging techniques. The scientific program is designed to cover a wide range of ACHD subjects from exercise, ...

Date : 17/04/2020

First prize winners will receive a 1000€ prize. Runner-up positions (2nd & 3rd) will receive a 250€ prize.

Date : 29/03/2020

Course objectives Upon completion of this course program, participants will be better able to: gain knowledge about cardiac computed tomography scanner physics, image acquisition techniques, pre ...

Date : 26/03/2020

The programme encompasses a mix of interactive lectures, heavily hands-on practical with simulation scanning and image analysis sessions on dedicated workstations performed directly by ...

Date : 19/03/2020