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The beneficial vascular effects of statins are important for the primary and secondary prevention of coronary heart disease and stroke; however, their cardiac effects are less clear. Lefer et al. ...

Cardiovascular Research, Laufs, Ulrich, Böhm, Michael

Date : 01/06/2005 Item size : 133084 bytes

ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure 2008 The Task Force for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Heart Failure 2008 of the European Society ...

European Heart Journal, Dickstein, Kenneth, Cohen-Solal, Alain, Filippatos, Gerasimos, McMurray, John J.V., Ponikowski, Piotr, Poole-Wilson, Philip Alexander, Strömberg, Anna, van Veldhuisen, Dirk ...

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Abstract Objective: β-Blockers improve cardiac function and survival in heart failure patients. Methods: β-Adrenoceptor density and systolic function were determined in rat adult ventricular ...

Cardiovascular Research, Flesch, Markus, Ettelbrück, Sylvia, Rosenkranz, Stephan, Maack, Christoph, Cremers, Bodo, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter, Zolk, Oliver, Böhm, Michael

Date : 01/02/2001

Abstract Worldwide, the numbers of women who have a pre-existing cardiovascular disease or develop cardiac problems during pregnancy are increasing and, due to the lack of evidenced-based data, this ...

Cardiovascular Research, Sliwa, Karen, Böhm, Michael

Date : 15/03/2014

Abstract Abnormal intracellular Ca2+-handling appears to be a major cause of systolic and diastolic dysfunction in animals and humans with cardiac hypertrophy due to pressure overload and heart ...

Cardiovascular Research, Zolk, Oliver, Flesch, Markus, Nickenig, Georg, Schnabel, Petra, Böhm, Michael

Date : 01/07/1998 Item size : 667449 bytes

In addition to cholesterol-lowering, statins inhibit the isoprenylation of small G proteins. [...]it was tested if these drugs inhibit Rac1 and RhoA activity in cardiomyocytes and, thereby, prevent ...

Cardiovascular Research, Laufs, Ulrich, Kilter, Heiko, Konkol, Christian, Wassmann, Sven, Böhm, Michael, Nickenig, Georg

Date : 01/03/2002 Item size : 280897 bytes

Abstract Objective: Treatment with the β-blocker carvedilol leads to an improvement of outcome and ejection fraction in heart failure. Results: β-Adrenoceptors were downregulated and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Böhm, Michael, Ettelbrück, Sylvia, Flesch, Markus, van Gilst, Wiek H, Knorr, Andreas, Maack, Christoph, Pinto, Yigal M, Paul, Martin, Teisman, Ard C.H, Zolk, Oliver

Date : 01/10/1998

Methods and results A total of 20 165 patients after ischaemic stroke (mean age 66.1, SD 8.6 years) assigned to the treatment arms of the PRoFESS trial were pooled divided by quintiles of the ...

European Heart Journal, Böhm, Michael, Cotton, Daniel, Foster, Lydia, Custodis, Florian, Laufs, Ulrich, Sacco, Ralph, Bath, Philip M. W., Yusuf, Salim, Diener, Hans-Christoph

Date : 01/11/2012 Item size : 294063 bytes

Methods and results Patients with PPCM were compared with age-matched healthy post-partum women (PPCTR), healthy pregnant women (PCTR), healthy non-pregnant women (NPCTR), patients with ischaemic ...

European Heart Journal, Walenta, Katrin, Schwarz, Viktoria, Schirmer, Stephan H., Kindermann, Ingrid, Friedrich, Erik B, Solomayer, Erich Franz, Sliwa, Karen, Labidi, Saida, Hilfiker-Kleiner, Denise, ...

Date : 01/06/2012

ESC Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic heart failure 2012The Task Force for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Acute and Chronic Heart Failure 2012 of the European Society of ...

European Heart Journal, McMurray, John J.V., Adamopoulos, Stamatis, Anker, Stefan D., Auricchio, Angelo, Böhm, Michael, Dickstein, Kenneth, Falk, Volkmar, Filippatos, Gerasimos, Fonseca, ...

Date : 01/07/2012