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Clinical number NCT02100228 Introduction Managing patients with newly diagnosed atrial fibrillation (AF) involves controlling rate, finding reversible causes, preventing stroke, and often ...

European Heart Journal, Ezekowitz, Michael D, Pollack, Charles V, Halperin, Jonathan L, England, Richard D, VanPelt Nguyen, Sandra, Spahr, Judith, Sudworth, Maria, Cater, Nilo B, Breazna, Andrei, ...

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Overall, 674 patients (median age 64years, 33% female, 42% non-paroxysmal atrial fibrillation, 49 sites) were randomized; 633 received study drug and underwent ablation; 335 undertook MRI (25 sites, ...

European Heart Journal, Kirchhof, Paulus, Haeusler, Karl Georg, Blank, Benjamin, De Bono, Joseph, Callans, David, Elvan, Arif, Fetsch, Thomas, Van Gelder, Isabelle C, Gentlesk, Philip, Grimaldi, ...

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Recent advances in the field of anticoagulation have given us powerful tools to reduce stroke and its associated disease burden in patients with atrial fibrillation.14 More work needs to be done to ...

European Heart Journal, Pavlovic, Davor, Kirchhof, Paulus, Fabritz, Larissa

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Duke Center for Atrial Fibrillation, Division of Cardiology, Duke Clinical Research Institute, Duke University Medical Center, PO Box 17969, Durham, NC 27705, USA.

European Heart Journal, Piccini, Jonathan P, Kirchhof, Paulus

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