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The greatest progress has been made in methods to mechanically or chemically re-open acutely occluded coronary arteries and in increasingly better logistics of pre-hospital treatment and patient ...

Cardiovascular Research, Piper, Hans Michael, Garcia-Dorado, David

Date : 01/05/2012 Item size : 152572 bytes

Conclusion sGC/PKG activation during reperfusion reduces reperfusion-induced endothelial intercellular gap formation by attenuation of cytosolic calcium overload and reduction of contractile ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kasseckert, Sascha A., Schäfer, Claudia, Kluger, Angelika, Gligorievski, Dragan, Tillmann, Julia, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter, Noll, Thomas, Sauer, Heinrich, Piper, Hans ...

Date : 15/07/2009 Item size : 244675 bytes

Despite a significant decrease in the numbers of animals used in biomedical research and testing in the last two decades, in part due to more restrictive policies and development of alternative ...

Cardiovascular Research, Ruiz-Meana, Marisol, Martinson, Elizabeth A., Garcia-Dorado, David, Piper, Hans Michael

Date : 01/01/2012 Item size : 135630 bytes

Find out more Spotlight issue on landmark papers from over a decade in Cardiovascular Research | Cardiovascular Research | Oxford Academic Skip to Main Content Article Navigation Close mobile search ...

Cardiovascular Research, Garcia-Dorado, David, Piper, Hans Michael

Date : 01/11/2012 Item size : 73917 bytes

Mitochondrial function in the oxygen depleted and reoxygenated myocardial cell

Cardiovascular Research, Piper, Hans Michael, Noll, Thomas, Siegmund, Berthold

Date : 01/01/1994

Abstract Objective Angiotensin II stimulation increases the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS), the phosphorylation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK), and the expression of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Wenzel, Sibylle, Abdallah, Yaser, Helmig, Simone, Schäfer, Claudia, Piper, Hans Michael, Schlüter, Klaus-Dieter

Date : 15/07/2006 Item size : 259975 bytes

Every year, the Institute of Scientific Information® publishes its impact factor (IF) for thousands of scientific journals, and every year, editors, authors and reviewers alike wait with bated ...

Cardiovascular Research, Piper, Hans Michael, Martinson, Elizabeth A., Opthof, Tobias

Date : 01/08/2005 Item size : 82225 bytes

Molecular mechanisms and implications for plaque progression and stability13  Review  14  Thomsen, MB; Oros, A; Schoenmakers, M; van Opstal, JM; Maas, JN; Beekman, JDM; Vos, MA  ...

Cardiovascular Research, Piper, Hans Michael, García-Dorado, David, Martinson, Elizabeth A.

Date : 01/12/2008 Item size : 169007 bytes

At the end of last year, when a truck arrived from the previous Cardiovascular Research editorial office in Amsterdam with four filing cabinets full of manuscripts, we all swallowed hard with the ...

Cardiovascular Research, Piper, Hans Michael, Martinson, Elizabeth A

Date : 01/01/2004 Item size : 83525 bytes

Protecting the heart from ischaemia- and reperfusion-induced injury represents the greatest challenge of cardiology, since myocardial infarction is the major cause of mortality in industrialized ...

Cardiovascular Research, Piper, Hans Michael, Garcia-Dorado, David

Date : 15/07/2009