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An 83-year-old female patient presented with pulmonary oedema 2 months after transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) with a balloon-expandable transcatheter heart valve (THV) (Edwards SAPIEN ...

European Heart Journal, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Vasa-Nicotera, Mariuca, Werner, Nikos, Nickenig, Georg, Hammerstingl, Christoph

Date : 01/10/2012 Item size : 94556 bytes

Transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI) has emerged as the treatment of choice in inoperable patients with severe aortic stenosis and as an alternative treatment strategy in high-risk ...

European Heart Journal, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Grube, Eberhard

Date : 01/06/2015 Item size : 163568 bytes

First-in-man transapical mitral valve replacement using the Direct Flow Medical® aortic valve prosthesis Echocardiography revealed severe mitral valve (MV) stenosis with an MV area of 0.6 cm2 ...

European Heart Journal, Mellert, Fritz, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Werner, Nikos, Welz, Armin, Grube, Eberhard, Nickenig, Georg, Hammerstingl, Christoph

Date : 14/08/2015 Item size : 98507 bytes

Mitral regurgitation (MR) is increasingly prevalent in Europe despite the reduced incidence of rheumatic disease. The possibility of repairing the mitral valve imposes new responsibilities on the ...

European Heart Journal, Sinning, Jan-Malte

Date : 09/03/2017 Item size : 87382 bytes

In an 85-year-old woman with severe TR (Panels A and B) associated with advanced right-heart failure, ascites, and portal hypertension (Panel C) at prohibitive risk for open-heart surgery (EuroSCORE ...

European Heart Journal, Duerr, Georg Daniel, Endlich, Matthias, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Esmailzadeh, Bahman, Werner, Nikos, Mellert, Fritz

Date : 21/10/2014 Item size : 111921 bytes

Methods and results In a substudy of the prospective AtheroGene registry, we assessed in 1806 patients with documented CAD and stable angina pectoris, the risk of cardiovascular death and non-fatal ...

European Heart Journal, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Bickel, Christoph, Messow, Claudia-Martina, Schnabel, Renate, Lubos, Edith, Rupprecht, Hans J., Espinola-Klein, Christine, Lackner, Karl J., Tiret, ...

Date : 01/12/2006

Open heart surgery was denied due to a floating thrombus in the aortic arch near the origin of the left common carotid artery, considered as a source of two left-sided ischaemic strokes 3 months ...

European Heart Journal, Ghanem, Alexander, Grube, Eberhard, Müller, Andreas, Nickenig, Georg, Sinning, Jan-Malte

Date : 01/11/2012

A 75-year-old male was transferred to our clinic with suspected ventricular septal defect (VSD) and acute decompensated chronic heart failure New York Heart Association (NYHA) Class ...

European Heart Journal, Schueler, Robert, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Zimmer, Sebastian, Nickenig, Georg, Hammerstingl, Christoph

Date : 14/04/2014 Item size : 95346 bytes

Owing to severe co-morbidities (STS score 13.8%) and a history of surgical aortic valve replacement in 2008, the Heart Team decided to perform transcatheter MV replacement (TMVR) via transapical ...

European Heart Journal, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Mellert, Fritz, Schiller, Wolfgang, Welz, Armin, Nickenig, Georg, Hammerstingl, Christoph

Date : 01/09/2013 Item size : 107848 bytes

Aortic stenosis, Aortic regurgitation, Mitral stenosis, Mitral regurgitation, TAVI, TAVR, TMVR, PMC, MitraClip, CoreValve, Edwards-SAPIEN, Direct Flow Medical Valve, Boston Lotus Valve, Paravalvular ...

European Heart Journal, Grube, Eberhard, Sinning, Jan-Malte, Vahanian, Alec

Date : 21/02/2014 Item size : 244268 bytes