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The patient, a 38-year-old man with severe angina and a tight stenosis on the left anterior descending artery, is still alive, is doing well, and he celebrated the 40-year anniversary of his ...

European Heart Journal, Kristensen, Steen Dalby, Maeng, Michael, Capodanno, Davide, Wijns, William

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Citation Robert A Byrne, Giulio G Stefanini, Davide Capodanno, Yoshinobu Onuma, Andreas Baumbach, Javier Escaned, Michael Haude, Stefan James, Michael Joner, Peter Jüni, Adnan Kastrati, Semih ...

European Heart Journal, Byrne, Robert A, Stefanini, Giulio G, Capodanno, Davide, Onuma, Yoshinobu, Baumbach, Andreas, Escaned, Javier, Haude, Michael, James, Stefan, Joner, Michael, Jüni, Peter, ...

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Circulus vitiosus: a circular argument, that is, an argument that assumes the conclusion as one of its premises. In this issue if the European Heart Journal, a study by de Waard et al.1 provides a ...

European Heart Journal, G Toth, Gabor, Wijns, William

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