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In this regard, she explores endogenous regeneration abilities of the heart after pregnancy-induced stress, cancer disease, and/or treatment with cardio toxic agents. Here work has been published in ...

European Heart Journal

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Introduction and RHD Resolution The World Heart Federation (WHF) serves as a representative body for the cardiovascular community (including national and continental cardiology societies and ...

European Heart Journal, Sliwa, Karen, White, Alastair, Milan, Pillar, Olga Mocumbi, Ana, Zilla, Peter, Wood, David

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Emotional stress caused by big football events has been shown to be associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular events, such as acute coronary syndromes, symptomatic arrhythmias, and ...

European Heart Journal, Hamm, Wolfgang, Bogner-Flatz, Viktoria, von Stülpnagel, Lukas, Klemm, Mathias, Huber, Bruno C, Rizas, Konstantinos D, Kanz, Karl-Georg, Bauer, Axel, Brunner, Stefan

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To accelerate multisectoral efforts towards reducing poverty and improving socioeconomic standards by all means, tackling the known root determinants of RHD, including poor housing, overcrowding, and ...

European Heart Journal, White, Alastair

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The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010 resulted in establishment and funding of the Center for Medicare/Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) for the purpose of testing innovative payment service ...

European Heart Journal, Younes, Ahmad, Hoff, Jennifer S, Bojansky, Alexandria M, Kalra, Ankur

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With the PURE study offering a new insight into global dietary trends, Mark Nicholls speaks to the Principal Investigator Professor Salim Yusuf, about its potential impact on heart health PUREthe ...

European Heart Journal, Nicholls, Mark

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The EHJ is extremely proud of its ranking which has been made possible by the unwavering support and diligent work of its Editor-in-Chief, Deputy and Associate Editors. CardioPulse continues to ...

European Heart Journal

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The development of 3D cultures to resemble cardiac function and physiology in vitro Drug development for the treatment of human diseases is hampered by the limited availability of clinically relevant ...

European Heart Journal, Nugraha, Bramasta, Buono, Michele F, Emmert, Maximilian Y

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Through a fine-tuning of the medication, he said, you could sometimes achieve a compromise They experimented for 6 months, first with the dosage and, when that didnt work, with other brands of the ...

European Heart Journal, Messerli, Franz H, Messerli, Adrian W

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Dr Mehilli is a practicing interventional cardiologist with broad expertise in both coronary and structural percutaneous intervention. Email: Published by Oxford University ...

European Heart Journal

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