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Bruna GIGANTE (Stockholm, SE) 14:00 P3240 Genetic score based on high-risk genetic polymorphisms and early onset of ischemic heart disease in an Italian cohort of ischemic patients Maria Grazia ...

Poster session 4: Biological assesment of cardiovascular risk

Date : 29/08/2011 Item size : 198736 bytes

08:30 P2307 Type-B natriuretic peptide and VE/VCO2 slope are reduced by low but not high intensity exercise training in chronic heart failure: a prospective randomized controlled study Almir FERRAZ ...

Poster session 3: Cardiac rehabilitation: delivery and benefits

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Data from a Greek 6-year-follow-up study Kyriakos DIMITRIADIS (Athens, GR) 14:00 P3431 Aortic/penile index is a marker of occult coronary artery disease in middle-aged hypertensive patients with ...

Poster session 4: Hypertension miscellaneous

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Jan BRUTHANS (Praha 4, CZ) 08:30 P3251 A comparison of office blood pressure, telemedical home blood pressure and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring Nikolai HOFFMANN-PETERSEN (Holstebro, DK) 08:30 ...

Poster session 4: Blood pressure monitoring and haemodynamics

Date : 01/09/2014 Item size : 74357 bytes

08:30 P3229 The association of oxidative stress biomarkers with cardiovascular risk: prospective results from the HAPIEE cohorts Martin BOBAK (London, GB) 08:30 P3230 Plasma endothelin-1 and risk of ...

Poster session 4: Biomarkers: Inflammation, oxidative stress and vascular function

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14:00 P2285 Association of genetic variants of the alpha-kinase 1 gene (ALPK1) with type 2 diabetes mellitus in community-dwelling Japanese individuals Tetsuo FUJIMAKI (Inabe City, JP) 14:00 P2286 ...

Poster session 3: Diabetes reloaded!

Date : 31/08/2014 Item size : 103083 bytes

14:00 P2317 Oral glucose tolerance test is still needed in patients with coronary artery disease Sergio BAPTISTA (Lisboa, PT) 14:00 P2318 Effect of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) on arterial ...

Poster session 3: Diabetes and obesity - a deadly combination

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14:00 P2339 The role of metabolic syndrome and the ventricular geometry The evaluation of TOD in hypertension study Athanasios TRIANTAFYLLOU (Athens, GR) 14:00 P2340 The influence of arterial ...

Poster session 3: Target organ damage in hypertension II

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14:00 P4669 Near-infrared spectroscopic hand imaging: a new tool to assess microcirculatory impairment in systemic sclerosis Luna GARGANI (Pisa, Italy) 14:00 P4670 Ultrasound evaluation of the ...

Poster session 5: Imaging for peripheral disease

Date : 31/08/2015 Item size : 65288 bytes

08:30 P3796 Classification of blood pressure by office and ambulatory readings in hypertensive type 2 diabetic patients- results of the German T2Target registry in primary care Thomas MENGDEN (Bad ...

Poster session 4: Blood pressure, monitoring variability and arterial stiffness

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