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K Gjesdal1, J Feyzi2, S B Olsson3 1Ullevål University Hospital, University of Oslo, Norway 2Statistical Data Analysis Center, Department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics, University of ...

Heart, Heart rhythm disorders and pacemakers, K Gjesdal, J Feyzi, S B Olsson

Date : 01/02/2008

Contemporary use of ticagrelor in patients with acute coronary syndrome: insights from Swedish Web System for Enhancement and Development of Evidence-Based Care in Heart Disease Evaluated According ...

European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, ORIGINAL ARTICLES, Anders Sahlén, Christoph Varenhorst, Bo Lagerqvist, Henrik Renlund, Lars Wallentin, Stefan K. James, Tomas Jernberg

Date : 01/01/2016 Item size : 280123 bytes

Abstract Aims We sought to describe the management of patients with atrial fibrillation (AF) in Europe after the release of the 2010 AF Guidelines of the European Society of Cardiology. Oral ...

Europace, Atrial fibrillation, Paulus Kirchhof, Bettina Ammentorp, Harald Darius, Raffaele De Caterina, Jean-Yves Le Heuzey, Richard John Schilling, Josef Schmitt, Jose Luis Zamorano

Date : 01/01/2014 Item size : 264702 bytes

[...]generation cryoballoon ablation for paroxysmal atrial fibrillation: 1-year follow-up Abstract Background The novel cryoballoon Advance (CB-A) has proven to achieve significantly lower ...

Europace, Ablation for atrial fibrillation, Gian-Battista Chierchia, Giacomo Di Giovanni, Giuseppe Ciconte, Carlo de Asmundis, Giulio Conte, Juan Sieira-Moret, Moises Rodriguez-Mañero, Ruben ...

Date : 01/05/2014 Item size : 197682 bytes

Methods and results The study sample comprised of 336 patients [median age 76 (interquartile range (IQR) 6782 years, 136 female] with first-ever ischaemic stroke, enroled in the Lund Stroke Register ...

Europace, Atrial fibrillation, Maria A. Baturova, Arne Lindgren, Jonas Carlson, Yuri V. Shubik, S. Bertil Olsson, Pyotr G. Platonov

Date : 01/12/2014 Item size : 198605 bytes

Red blood cell distribution width predicts long‐term outcome regardless of anaemia status in acute heart failure patients Recently, a subanalysis of the CHARM study programme has suggested RDW as ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Pascual‐Figal, Domingo A., Bonaque, Juan C., Redondo, Belen, Caro, Cesar, Manzano‐Fernandez, Sergio, Sánchez‐Mas, Jesús, Garrido, Iris P., Valdes, Mariano

Date : 01/09/2009 Item size : 164256 bytes

[1] Heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) is a growing public health problem, which can also lead to PHT in up to 70% of patients. [2-5] Pulmonary hypertension caused by left heart ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Maor, Elad, Grossman, Yoni, Balmor, Ronen Gingy, Segel, Michael, Fefer, Paul, Ben‐Zekry, Sagit, Buber, Jonathan, DiSegni, Elio, Guetta, Victor, Ben‐Dov, ...

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Tel: +46 31 3434000/+46 704929698, Fax: +46 31 258933, Email: Search for more papers by this author Annika Rosengren, Department of Emergency and Cardiovascular Medicine, ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Shafazand, Masoud, Rosengren, Annika, Lappas, Georgios, Swedberg, Karl, Schaufelberger, Maria

Date : 01/02/2011 Item size : 179754 bytes

Introduction A meta-analysis reported that patients with heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) might have a lower risk of death compared with those with heart failure with reduced ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Miura, Masanobu, Shiba, Nobuyuki, Nochioka, Kotaro, Takada, Tsuyoshi, Takahashi, Jun, Kohno, Haruka, Shimokawa, Hiroaki

Date : 01/04/2012 Item size : 204263 bytes

L. Fauchjier, Tel: +33 2 47 47 46 50, Fax: +33 6 65 17 30 82, Email: or G.Y.H. Lip, Tel: +44 121 507 5080, Fax: +44 121 554 4083, Email: Search for more ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Banerjee, Amitava, Taillandier, Sophie, Olesen, Jonas Bjerring, Lane, Deirdre A., Lallemand, Benedicte, Lip, Gregory Y.H., Fauchier, Laurent

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