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[...]it is well-known that the use of an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) reduces the rate of death or hospitalisation for heart failure in patients with heart failure (5,6), and reduces vascular ...

Date : 11/06/2008

Carotid sinus syndrome It has long been observed that pressure at the site where the common carotid artery bifurcates produces a reflex that leads to slowing in heart rate and fall in blood ...

Date : 07/04/2008

Introduction Beta-adrenergic receptor blockers play an important role in the management of cardiovascular disease, including hypertension, ischemic heart disease and chronic heart failure. Nebivolol ...

Date : 13/12/2006

There are several clinically meaningful questions that need to be answered regarding the association between arterial hypertension and erectile dysfunction: a) is hypertension per se related to ...

Date : 23/02/2016

The ADVANCE trial - new findings and updated results Since the first publication of the Action in Diabetes and Vascular Disease: Preterax and Diamicron MR Controlled Evaluation (ADVANCE) Trial (1), ...

Date : 30/04/2011

Background Ischaemic heart disease (IHD) - reduced blood supply to the heart usually caused by coronary artery disease - is the leading cause of death and morbidity in America and Europe and is ...

Date : 15/04/2013

1 - Key points • Chronic blood pressure elevation induces a number of cardiac adaptative and detrimental changes in three main territories: left ventricle, coronary arteries, and left atrium. ...

Date : 12/02/2009

[...]the latter especially obviously does not hold true for atenolol since it has been shown in a large meta-analysis2 that this drug caused significantly higher mortality than other active ...

Date : 15/01/2008

The results from the Aerobic Center Longitudinal Study (6), the Nurses’ Health Study (7), the Whitehall Study (8), the National Health Interview Survey (9), and the Health Professionals’ ...

Date : 12/04/2005

[...]Nebivolol is the drug with the highest beta1-selectivity (1). Since a decrease in nocturnal release of melatonin may be one reason of sleep disturbances, a common side effect of beta-blockers ...

Date : 14/02/2005