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Cardiovascular Division, Department of Internal Medicine, McGuire Veterans Administration Medical Center, Richmond, VA, USA Aims: Patients with renal artery stenosis are treated with percutaneous ...

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Hypertension is a major cardiovascular risk factor, and despite the availability of effective antihypertensive drugs the percentage of patients with blood pressure at target values remains ...

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Xiong-Jing Jiang*, MD; Hui Dong, MS; Tuo Liang, MS; Yu-Bao Zou, MD; Bo Xu, MBBS; Run-Lin Gao, MD Fu Wai Hospital, National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases of China, Beijing, China Renal ...

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The recognition that elevated sympathetic drive plays an important role in the pathogenesis of hypertension led to the use of renal artery denervation to interrupt the efferent and afferent ...

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Department of Interventional Cardiology, Thoraxcenter, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands Aims: Renal denervation is a potential new treatment therapy for resistant hypertension. A ...

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Hospital Garcia de Orta, Almada, Portugal Aims: To describe the demographic and clinical profile of patients with resistant hypertension submitted to renal denervation in a national registry, as well ...

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Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland Aims: Flash pulmonary oedema is usually sudden onset with rapid resolution. Acute increase of left ventricular (LV) end diastolic pressure is the usual cause ...

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Mean age was 62±8 years, 61% were men, 62% were obese (mean body mass index 31±5.0 kg/m2), 78% had diabetes, 44% had vascular disease (any territory), 9% had sleep apnea syndrome and 95% had ...

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Bergmann M.W., Kleinbongardt A., Wiese A., Kuck K.H. Asklepios Clinic St. Georg, Hamburg, Germany Aims: Renal denervation has proven to be effective in the majority of patients with drug-resistant ...

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Mylotte D., Unterseeh T., Morice M.C., Garot P., Louvard Y., Lefèvre T., Benamer H. Aims: Arterial hypertension is the largest single contributor to global mortality, and is poorly controlled in ...

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