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The adult conduction system (CS) comprises the sinoatrial (SAN), and atrioventricular (AVN) nodes, the atrioventricular bundle (AVB), the bundle branches and the peripheral Purkinje fibers, each of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Franco, Diego, Icardo, Jose Manuel

Date : 01/02/2001 Item size : 389776 bytes

Methods and results The primary effect of exogenous expression of RIP140 mRNA (real-time PCR) and protein (western blotting) in transgenic mice is impaired postnatal heart function. RIP140 exogenous ...

Cardiovascular Research, Fritah, Asmaà, Steel, Jennifer H., Nichol, Donna, Parker, Nadeene, Williams, Sharron, Price, Anthony, Strauss, Leena, Ryder, Timothy A., Mobberley, Margaret A., Poutanen, ...

Date : 01/06/2010

Furthermore, western blot assays showed that histone deacetylase-8 (HDAC8) was silenced by miR-21-3p, and luciferase reporter assays showed that miR-21-3p binds to the 3 UTR of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yan, Mengwen, Chen, Chen, Gong, Wei, Yin, Zhongwei, Zhou, Ling, Chaugai, Sandip, Wang, Dao Wen

Date : 01/03/2015

After 9 weeks of TAC, when manifest heart failure is encountered, mice treated with API-D presented with significantly improved echocardiographic and haemodynamic parameters of cardiac function when ...

Cardiovascular Research, Gallo, Pasquale, Latronico, Michael V.G., Gallo, Paolo, Grimaldi, Serena, Borgia, Francesco, Todaro, Matilde, Jones, Philip, Gallinari, Paola, De Francesco, Raffaele, ...

Date : 01/12/2008 Item size : 334034 bytes

[...]the innovative miRNA-interference technologies developed lately for manipulating the action of miRNAs by interfering with their expression, stability, and function as new approaches for miRNA ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yang, Baofeng, Lu, Yanjie, Wang, Zhiguo

Date : 01/09/2008 Item size : 364450 bytes

Table 1 summarises phase II angiogenesis gene therapy trials that have been completed for both coronary and peripheral artery disease. [...]angiogenesis gene therapy has quietly reached the era of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Nikol, Sigrid

Date : 01/02/2007

Role of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II in cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure Abstract Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II (CaMKII), a critical transducer of Ca2+ signaling, ...

Cardiovascular Research, Zhang, Tong, Brown, Joan Heller

Date : 15/08/2004 Item size : 397171 bytes

Antonio Manuel LAX (Murcia, ES) 08:30 P3249 Protective regulation of the ACE2/ACE gene expression by oestrogen in human atrial tissue Alicja BUKOWSKA (Magdeburg, DE) 08:30 P3250 Heart failure ...

Poster Session 4: Mechanisms involved in ischaemia, metabolism and stress adaptation

Date : 02/09/2013 Item size : 239790 bytes

Introduction Obesity is a growing threat to global health by virtue of its association with a number of cardiovascular risk factors including insulin resistance, hypertension, and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Akki, Ashwin, Seymour, Anne-Marie L.

Date : 15/02/2009 Item size : 306196 bytes

Abstract Objective: Clinical experimental stem cell therapy after myocardial infarction appears feasible, but its use has preceded the understanding of the working mechanism. Here, we studied ...

Cardiovascular Research, Vandervelde, Susanne, van Luyn, Marja J.A., Rozenbaum, Mark H., Petersen, Arjen H., Tio, Rene A., Harmsen, Martin C.

Date : 01/03/2007