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Ablation-induced AF-to-AFL and AFL-to-AFL transitions were defined as a sudden drop in the dominant frequency (DF) of at least 10 bpm, followed by a regular rhythm. The time constant of the DF ...

Europace, TECHNICAL ISSUES, Shahriar Iravanian, Michael S. Lloyd, Jonathan J. Langberg

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Ablation of atrial fibrillation: does the addition of three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the left atrium to electroanatomic mapping improve the clinical outcome? Abstract Aims To ...

Europace, Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation, Domenico Caponi, Antonella Corleto, Marco Scaglione, Alessandro Blandino, Luigi Biasco, Yvonne Cristoforetti, Natascia Cerrato, Elisabetta Toso, Mara ...

Date : 01/08/2010 Item size : 229594 bytes

The latest guidelines for AF management give a class IIa (Level of Evidence A) and class IIb (Level of Evidence B) recommendation for catheter ablation of persistent and long-standing persistent ...

Europace, Editorial, Carola Gianni, Luigi Di Biase, Sanghamitra Mohanty, Andrea Natale

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Abstract Aims The step-wise approach to catheter ablation for persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) requires considerable substrate modification targeting at complex fractionated atrial electrograms ...

Europace, Ablation for atrial fibrillation, Yosuke Miwa, Hitoshi Minamiguchi, Anil K. Bhandari, David S. Cannom, Ivan C. Ho

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Abstract Aims Catheter ablation (CA) for atrial fibrillation (AF) is a complex procedure that is associated with higher risk of complications. Methods and results In total 1192 consecutive AF ...

Europace, Ablation for atrial fibrillation, Bashar Aldhoon, Dan Wichterle, Petr Peichl, Robert Čihák, Josef Kautzner

Date : 01/01/2013 Item size : 248039 bytes

Abstract Aims Creation of complete linear lesions in the lateral mitral isthmus (LMI) by catheter ablation for treating atrial fibrillation remains technically challenging. Methods and results We ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Seiji Takatsuki, Fabrice Extramiana, Meiso Hayashi, Abdeddayem Haggui, Anne Messali, Paul Milliez, Antoine Leenhardt, Bruno Cauchemez

Date : 01/07/2009 Item size : 202021 bytes

The aim of the present study is to describe the prevalence of patent foramen ovale (PFO) and IASDs in a cohort of atrial fibrillation (AF) patients undergoing redo catheter ablation (CA) procedures ...

Europace, CLINICAL RESEARCH, Matteo Anselmino, Marco Scaglione, Alberto Battaglia, Silvia Muccioli, Davide Sardi, Giuseppe Azzaro, Lucia Garberoglio, Salvatore Miceli, Fiorenzo Gaita

Date : 01/11/2014 Item size : 210457 bytes

Sinus rhythm restoration by catheter ablation in patients with long-lasting atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure: impact of the left ventricular ejection fraction improvement on the ...

Europace, Agustín Bortone, Serge Boveda, Jean-Luc Pasquié, Pénélope Pujadas-Berthault, Eloi Marijon, Anthony Appetiti, Jean-Paul Albenque

Date : 01/08/2009 Item size : 212827 bytes

Early electrophysiological studies demonstrated the presence of an isthmus of conductive tissue in the low lateral left atrium (LA) during ablation of left free-wall accessory pathways.1 These ...

Europace, Editorial, José Angel Cabrera, Gonzalo Pizarro, Damián Sánchez-Quintana

Date : 01/08/2012 Item size : 156603 bytes

Two examples are left bundle branch block in heart failure, which had been regarded merely as a bystander phenomenon indicating severe disease but now is regarded as an aggravating factor in the ...

Europace, Editorial, Christoph Stellbrink

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