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Lemos P., Chandwani P., Saxena S., Ramachandran P., Abhyankar A., Campos C., Marchini J., Galon M., Verma P., Sandhu M., Parikh N., Bhupali A., Jain S., Prajapati J. AIMS The aim of this registry was ...

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The long-term (mean follow-up duration 58.0±38.4 months) MACE-free survival rate in the DES group did not differ significantly from the CABG group (86.6% vs. 81.4%, log-rank p=0.72). Of interest, ...

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EuroIntervention Long-term comparison of everolimus-eluting stents with sirolimus- and paclitaxel-eluting stents for percutaneous coronary intervention of saphenous vein grafts Clinical Trials Unit ...

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Robin P. Kraak, MD; Mariëlla E.C.J. Hassell, MD; Maik J. Grundeken, MD; Karel T. Koch, MD, PhD; Jose P.S. Henriques, MD, PhD; Jan J. Piek, MD, PhD; Jan Baan Jr, MD, PhD; Marije M. Vis, MD, PhD; E. ...

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EuroIntervention Endothelial progenitor cell capture stent implantation in patients with ST-segment elevation acute myocardial infarction: one year follow-up Yian-Ping Lee1, MBBS, MRCP; Edgar Tay1, ...

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EuroIntervention Beneficial 2-years results of drug-eluting stents in saphenous vein graft lesions Abid Assali, MD, Yael Raz, MD; Hana Vaknin-Assa, MD; Itsik Ben-Dor, MD; David Brosh, MD; Igal ...

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EuroIntervention ACEF score in the risk stratification of patients undergoing PCI of chronic coronary total occlusion Di Serafino L., Pyxaras S., Toth G., De Vroey F., Bartunek J., De Bruyne B., ...

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EuroIntervention Effects of low dose Pioglitazone on restenosis and atheroma plaques in patients with diabetes Mellitus undergoing PCI Busan, Republic of Korea Aims: The insulin-sensitizing agents ...

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EuroIntervention The value of a combination of the Syntax Score and the Euroscore for the prediction of clinical outcomes in patients after left main coronary artery stenting Sinning J.M., Stoffel ...

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EuroIntervention Clinical outcomes in diabetic and non-diabetic patients treated with Endeavor Resolute Zotarolimus eluting-stent: a multicentre Italian observational study Ospedale Galliera, ...

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