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Results from OPAL-HK and AMETHYST-DN Bertram PITT (Ann Arbor, United States of America) 08:30 P1801 Incidence and long-term impact of progressive hyponatremia in heart failure patients with reduced ...

Poster session 2: Heart failure, other

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Roxy SENIOR (London, GB), Jadranka SEPAROVIC HANZEVACKI (Zagreb, HR), Rosa SICARI (Pisa, IT), Theodore KOLIAS (Ann Arbor, US) 14:00 670 Dual imaging stress echocardiography versus computed tomography ...

Stress echocardiography - Expanding applications

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Correlation of oxidative stress with activity of matrix metalloproteinase in patients with coronary artery diseasePossible role for left ventricular remodelling Abstract Aim Oxidative stress is ...

European Heart Journal, Kameda, Kunihiko, Matsunaga, Toshiro, Abe, Naoki, Hanada, Hiroyuki, Ishizaka, Hiroshi, Ono, Hirotsugu, Saitoh, Masayuki, Fukui, Kozo, Fukuda, Ikuo, Osanai, Tomohiro, Okumura, ...

Date : 01/12/2003

Tel: +1 734 9365260, Fax: +1 734 9365256, E-mail: Search for more papers by this author Stefan D. Anker, Department of Innovative Clinical Trials, University Medical ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Pitt, Bertram, Anker, Stefan D., Böhm, Michael, Gheorghiade, Mihai, Køber, Lars, Krum, Henry, Maggioni, Aldo P., Ponikowski, Piotr, Voors, Adriaan A., Zannad, ...

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Tel: +1 305 585 5547, Fax: +1 305 585 6490, Email: Search for more papers by this author Dias Andre, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami, Miami, FL, USASearch for more ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Hebert, Kathy, Dias, Andre, Delgado, Maria Carolina, Franco, Emiliana, Tamariz, Leonardo, Steen, Dylan, Trahan, Patrick, Major, Brittny, Arcement, Lee M.

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Nuria FARRE (Barcelona, Spain) 08:30 P1430 Clinical characteristics of acute decompensated heart failure patients hospitalized in the intensive care unit of internal medicine departement Alice ...

Poster Session 3: Acute heart failure

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While the latter has a well-defined aetiology, i.e. ischaemia and infarction with subsequent loss of contractility and remodelling, the definition of dilated cardiomyopathies is less clear, although ...

European Heart Journal, Lüscher, Thomas F.

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