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Medical treatment is accompanied with serious drug side effects and often fails to completely preclude complications of AF. [...]considerable advances in developing alternative treatments have been ...

Date : 23/10/2007

Furthermore, we suggest that the number of peaks on RR interval histogram shows the number of AV pathways, and allow us to make a decision regarding recommendation for treatment- ablation or ...

Date : 10/03/2013

X-plane (left panel) and volume rendering (right panel) display showing a significant decrease in mass size. Limited views available with 2DE often does not allow a clear visualization of the ...

Date : 05/12/2012

Order Pocket Guidelines Table of Contents Epidemiology and impact for patients Diagnosis and timely detection of atrial fibrillation Classification of atrial fibrillation Detection and management of ...

Date : 27/08/2016

Initial approach, goals, and expectations The atrial fibrillation heart team approach to stroke prevention: risk stratification and stroke prevention The atrial fibrillation heart team approach to ...

Date : 26/09/2016

Indications for cardiac resynchronisation therapy in heart failure with conventional pacemaker indications Patients with permanent bradycardia Patients with intermittent bradycardia Patients with ...

Date : 30/08/2013