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Future research for validation and improvement of current clinical electrophysiology mapping technologies will be crucial for developing mechanistic-based selection and application of the best ...

Cardiovascular Research, INVITED SPOTLIGHT REVIEWS, María S. Guillem, Andreu M. Climent, Miguel Rodrigo, Francisco Fernández-Avilés, Felipe Atienza, Omer Berenfeld

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Abstract Objectives: The expression and distribution of connexins is abnormal in a number of cardiac diseases, including atrial fibrillation, and is believed to favor conduction slowing and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Catherine Rucker-Martin, Paul Milliez, Sisareuth Tan, Xavier Decrouy, Michel Recouvreur, Roger Vranckx, Claude Delcayre, Jean-François Renaud, Irene ...

Date : 01/10/2006 Item size : 317530 bytes

Abstract Objective: To assess the contribution of the Na, K pump current (Ip) to the action potential duration (APD) and effective refractory period (ERP) in human atrial cells, and to investigate ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Antony J Workman, Kathleen A Kane, Andrew C Rankin

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AF is responsible for considerable morbidity and medical costs [1], is a major determinant of stroke [2] and may increase mortality, particularly in patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Stanley Nattel

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Furthermore, studies in humans suggest a protective role for HSPs against progression from paroxysmal AF to chronic, persistent AF. [...]manipulation of the HSP system may offer novel therapeutic ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Bianca J.J.M. Brundel, Lei Ke, Anne-Jan Dijkhuis, XiaoYan Qi, Akiko Shiroshita-Takeshita, Stanley Nattel, Robert H. Henning, Harm H. Kampinga

Date : 01/06/2008 Item size : 448399 bytes

[...]digoxin treatment is known to control symptoms of congestive heart failure when added to standard therapy. Despite recent improvements in therapy the overall prognosis for congestive heart ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, K Kjeldsen, A Nørgaard, M Gheorghiade

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Abstract Background: The L-type calcium channel (LCC) plays a crucial role in the electrical remodeling of atrial fibrillation (AF). [...]we performed a single LCC analysis to assess channel gating ...

Cardiovascular Research, Original Article, Gunnar Klein, Frank Schröder, David Vogler, Arnd Schaefer, Axel Haverich, Bernhard Schieffer, Thomas Korte, Helmut Drexler

Date : 01/07/2003 Item size : 239221 bytes

The prevalence of AF has been increasing, due to both ageing of the population and an increased prevalence of risk factors such as obesity and sedentary lifestyle. Many of the available ...

Cardiovascular Research, Editorial, David R. Van Wagoner

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Owing to technical perfection of implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD), antitachycardic pacing (ATP), and radiofrequency catheter ablation, today's treatment of cardiac arrhythmias has ...

Cardiovascular Research, Viewpoint editorial, Torsten Christ, Ursula Ravens

Date : 01/12/2005 Item size : 175682 bytes

A substrate for atrial propensity to AF is required for AF initiation and maintenance. [...]we reviewed and discussed mainly the electrophysiological properties observed in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Review, Akihiko Shimizu, Osmar Antonio Centurion

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