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Mccormick L., Gooley R., Zaman S., Rashid H., Ramkumar S., Meredith I. AIMS The Lotus valve (Boston Scientific) is a new-generation TAVI device which can be repositioned, resheathed & retrieved, even ...

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Sedaghat A., Neumann N., Sinning J., Hammerstingl C., Stundl A., Pingel S., Nickenig G., Werner N. AIMS To provide a better discrimination of vascular complications, we defined Access-Site and Access ...

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While 30-day mortality (3.8% vs. 6.1%; p=0.23), stroke (1.9% vs. 3.3%; p=0.33), and coronary obstruction (0.5% vs. 1.5%; p=0.25) only showed a trend towards lower complication rates, TAVI-specific ...

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METHODS AND RESULTS Total CM volume is a recognised risk factor for contrast-induced acute kidney injury (AKI), in patients undergoing coronary angiography and intervention. A dedicated valve ...

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Meneguz-moreno R., Ramos A., Jatene T., Castro-filho A., Dias Jeronimo A., Le Bihan D., Siqueira D., Abizaid A., Sousa A., Sousa J. AIMS The objectives of the present study were to analyse the ...

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Seeger J., Gonska B., Rodewald C., Rottbauer W., Wöhrle J. AIMS To evaluate the safety and efficacy of the Prostar XL compared to the Perclose Proglide suture-based vascular closure device in ...

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Meneguz-moreno R., Castro-filho A., Jatene T., Jeronimo A., Ramos A., Siqueira D., Barreto R., Abizaid A., Sousa A., Sousa J. AIMS Periprocedural acute kidney injury (AKI) after transcatheter aortic ...

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Giardinelli F., Dachille A., De Cillis E., Acquaviva T., Gesualdo M., Iacovelli F., Ciccone M., Bortone A. AIMS Our aim was to investigate the accuracy of IVUS for the assessment of native valves ...

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Regazzoli D., Ancona M., Azzalini L., Pagnesi M., Montalto C., Jabbour R., Ruparelia N., Mangieri A., Giannini F., Montorfano M., Latib A., Colombo A. AIMS Cirrhotic patients undergoing cardiac ...

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Additionally, we observed an improvement in renal function (eGFR baseline 62.0±16.5 vs. follow-up 70.2±23.1 ml/min/m2, p=0.12) and improved hepatic congestion: bilirubin (1.47±0.8 vs. 1.01±0.7 ...

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