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[...]we discuss the potential for discovery of novel treatment targets through the integration of different layers of omics data and the application of systems genetics approaches. [...]we provide a ...

Cardiovascular Research, Erdmann, Jeanette, Kessler, Thorsten, Munoz Venegas, Loreto, Schunkert, Heribert

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Formation of the ethics committee The European Heart Journal, Cardiovascular Research, and the 13 other ESC journals are committed to the publication of high-quality research (Figure 1). In order to ...

European Heart Journal, Simoons, Maarten L

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In this issue of the European Heart Journal, Verbeek et al. investigated the risk pattern of Lipoprotein(a) [Lp(a)] across a wide range of values among two large community cohorts, as well as ...

European Heart Journal, Gencer, Baris, Mach, François

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There is no increased risk of haemorrhagic stroke in individuals without cerebrovascular disease, while a small increase in risk cannot be excluded in those with prior stroke. [...]long-term statin ...

European Heart Journal, Lüscher, Thomas F

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First CCU/ICCU nightshift coming up? The idea for a practical school in the field of acute cardiac care is in large part based on an initiative by the Young ACCAYoung Acute Cardiovascular Care ...

European Heart Journal, Krychtiuk, Konstantin A, Martin Asenjo, Roberto, Bueno, Hector

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On the cutting edge of science The scientific programme of the Congress will cover all aspects of cardiology-related research and practical issues. The meeting promotes educational and learning ...

European Heart Journal

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Hugo A. Katus MD PhD FESCAfter discovering troponin as a biomarker Katus reached out to genome research, improving healthcare in hospitals, and actively teaching, to fill a 13-hour workday ...

European Heart Journal, Ozkan, Judy

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Abstract Aims Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) particles cause atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) through their retention, modification, and accumulation within the arterial ...

European Heart Journal, Ruuth, Maija, Nguyen, Su Duy, Vihervaara, Terhi, Hilvo, Mika, Laajala, Teemu D, Kondadi, Pradeep Kumar, Gisterå, Anton, Lähteenmäki, Hanna, Kittilä, Tiia, Huusko, ...

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Abstract Aims To objectively appraise evidence for possible adverse effects of long-term statin therapy on glucose homeostasis, cognitive, renal and hepatic function, and risk for haemorrhagic stroke ...

European Heart Journal, Mach, François, Ray, Kausik K, Wiklund, Olov, Corsini, Alberto, Catapano, Alberico L, Bruckert, Eric, De Backer, Guy, Hegele, Robert A, Hovingh, G Kees, Jacobson, Terry A, ...

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The three-and-a-half-day program encompassing 165 sessions, 1474 didactic presentations, 16 late breaking clinical trials and first report investigations, and 45 live cases from 7 domestic and ...

European Heart Journal, Gao, Runlin

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