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Specifically, we identified that RhoA/ROCK activated IκB kinase alpha, which promoted the phosphorylation of p65 on serine 536 (p65 pS536). p65 pS536 was recruited to the BMP2 promoter and ...

Cardiovascular Research, Nsaibia, Mohamed Jalloul, Boulanger, Marie-Chloé, Bouchareb, Rihab, Mkannez, Ghada, Le Quang, Khai, Hadji, Fayez, Argaud, Deborah, Dahou, Abdellaziz, Bossé, Yohan, ...

Date : 01/09/2017

In the aortic valve, these mediators activate specific receptors on valvular interstitial cells and inflammatory cells to promote inflammation and calcification. Several classical cardiovascular ...

Cardiovascular Research, Bäck, Magnus, Larsson, Susanna C.

Date : 01/09/2017

Double trouble for transcatheter aortic valve implantation: a patient with no vascular access and high-risk features for bilateral coronary obstruction A 69-year-old female with a history of ...

European Heart Journal, Leu, Hsin-Bang, Chang, Hsiao-Huang, Lin, Su-Man, Chen, Ying-Hwa

Date : 21/09/2017

Unusual presentation of a left atrial tumour prolapsing beyond the aortic valve A new cardiac murmur prompted echocardiography, which revealed a long, pedunculated, highly mobile mass attached to ...

European Heart Journal, Shimada, Shogo, Copeland, Joshua A., DeCaro, Matthew V., Entwistle, John W.C.

Date : 15/11/2017 Item size : 99369 bytes

Case presentation A 35-year-old Asian male patient presented with a clinical picture of an acute cerebrovascular stroke. A routine trans-thoracic echocardiography showed a big left ventricular ...

The Egyptian Heart Journal

Date : 17/01/2018 Item size : 45145 bytes

While it is well established that echocardiography is the imaging technique of first choice to evaluate patients with cardiovascular symptoms, other techniques (nuclear imaging, cardiovascular ...

European Heart Journal, Delgado, Victoria, Knuuti, Juhani, Plein, Sven, Achenbach, Stephan, Bax, Jeroen J

Date : 21/01/2018

Here we present a case of a transapical off-pump mitral valve-in-ring implantation of a transcatheter aortic valve prosthesis in a 64-year-old women with dyspnea NYHA III due to severe mitral ...

European Heart Journal, Schulz, Eberhard, Tamm, Alexander, Kasper-König, Walter, Beiras-Fernandez, Andres, Vahl, Christian Friedrich, Münzel, Thomas, von Bardeleben, Ralph Stephan

Date : 21/01/2018

The grandparent and the grandchild separated by 50 years sharing the left ventricular outflow tract The first StarrEdwards mechanical prosthetic heart valve (Edwards Lifesciences Inc., Irvine, CA, ...

European Heart Journal, Cuevas, Oscar, Weber, Alberto, Maisano, Francesco, Mestres, Carlos A

Date : 01/02/2018 Item size : 98682 bytes

A new cardiac murmur prompted echocardiography, which revealed a long, pedunculated, highly mobile mass attached to the anterior wall of the mid left atrium (LA) that prolapsed into the left ...

European Heart Journal, Shimada, Shogo, Copeland, Joshua A, DeCaro, Matthew V, Entwistle, John W C

Date : 01/02/2018

Left ventricular assist devices (LVADs) for long-term circulatory support in advanced heart failure have in recent years undergone substantial technical improvements that have resulted in the ...

European Journal of Heart Failure, Rossing, Kasper, Gustafsson, Finn

Date : 01/01/2018 Item size : 81058 bytes