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Methods and results In this study, we found that TUG1 was highly expressed in human aortic valves and primary valve interstitial cells (VICs). [...]TUG1 knockdown induced inhibition of osteoblast ...

Cardiovascular Research, Yu, Cong, Li, Lifu, Xie, Fei, Guo, Shichao, Liu, Fayuan, Dong, Nianguo, Wang, Yongjun

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In isolated cells, epigenome editing with clustered regularly interspersed short palindromic repeats-Cas9 system containing a deficient Cas9 fused with DNA methyltransferase (dCas9-DNMT) was used to ...

Cardiovascular Research, Mkannez, Ghada, Gagné-Ouellet, Valérie, Jalloul Nsaibia, Mohamed, Boulanger, Marie-Chloé, Rosa, Mickael, Argaud, Deborah, Hadji, Fayez, Gaudreault, Nathalie, ...

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The remaining part of the genome was thought to be non-functional for a long time and was referred to as Junk-DNA Since recent years, it is clear that most of this Junk-DNA is actually transcribed ...

Cardiovascular Research, Boon, Reinier A

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