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The rupture of atherosclerotic unstable plaques may cause stroke or myocardial infarction. Immune cells, including T helper (h)1 lymphocytes, are major players in the initiation and progression of ...

Cardiovascular Research, Taleb, Soraya, Tedgui, Alain

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Venous coronary artery bypass grafts are designed to reduce the consequences of atherosclerosis in the coronary arteries by diverting blood flow around the atherosclerotic plaques. [...]vein grafts ...

Cardiovascular Research, Wadey, Kerry, Lopes, Joshua, Bendeck, Michelle, George, Sarah

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Abstract In the present review, we describe the causes and consequences of loss of vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) or their function in advanced atherosclerotic plaques and discuss possible ...

Cardiovascular Research, Grootaert, Mandy O J, Moulis, Manon, Roth, Lynn, Martinet, Wim, Vindis, Cécile, Bennett, Martin R, De Meyer, Guido R Y

Date : 15/03/2018

Despite the systemic nature of atherosclerotic risk factorswhich comprise amongst others hypertension, diabetes mellitus (hyperglycaemia), obesity, dyslipidaemia, hyperhomocystinuria, and male ...

Cardiovascular Research, Souilhol, Celine, Harmsen, Martin C, Evans, Paul C, Krenning, Guido

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Methods and results We found that CEBPD protein colocalized with macrophages in human and mouse (C57BL/6, Apoe atherosclerotic plaques and that Cebpd deficiency in bone marrow cells suppressed ...

Cardiovascular Research, Lai, Hong-Yue, Hsu, Ling-Wei, Tsai, Hsin-Hwa, Lo, Yu-Chih, Yang, Shang-Hsun, Liu, Ping-Yen, Wang, Ju-Ming

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Fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) plays an instructive role in osteogenesis and bone development, but its role in vascular calcification was unknown. [...]we investigated the involvement of FGF-2 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Borland, Samantha J., Morris, Thomas G., Borland, Shona C., Morgan, Mark R., Francis, Sheila E., Merry, Catherine L.R., Canfield, Ann E.

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Abstract Aims Patients with hyperlipidemia are at risk of atherosclerosis, but not all develop cardiovascular disease, highlighting the importance of other risk factors such as ...

Cardiovascular Research, Brauner, Susanna, Jiang, Xintong, Thorlacius, Gudny Ella, Lundberg, Anna M, Östberg, Therese, Yan, Zhong-Qun, Kuchroo, Vijay K, Hansson, Göran K, Wahren-Herlenius, Marie

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[...]cells can be recognized by their content of myofilaments or SMC contractile proteins, and they, among other roles, build the fibrous cap of plaques that protect fibroatheromas from undergoing ...

Cardiovascular Research, Bentzon, Jacob F, Majesky, Mark W

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Introduction Based on morphological studies performed in the sixties it was clearly demonstrated that the smooth muscle cell (SMC) is the unique cell type found in medial layer of arteries (reviewed ...

Cardiovascular Research, Bochaton-Piallat, Marie-Luce, Bäck, Magnus

Date : 15/03/2018 Item size : 156761 bytes

Abstract In the past decades, the inflammatory nature of atherosclerosis has been well-recognized and despite the development of therapeutic strategies targeted at its classical risk factors such as ...

Cardiovascular Research, Kusters, Pascal J H, Lutgens, Esther, Seijkens, Tom T P

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