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Prof. GLs work focused on the dissection of adaptive and maladaptive processes involved in cardiac remodeling to pressure overload, of molecular mechanisms responsible for vascular injury in ...

Cardiovascular Research, Lembo, Giuseppe

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In this article, we provide a systematic review of the pharmacogenetic basis of SAMS, focusing on how an understanding of the genetic and molecular determinants of SAMS can be considered in a ...

Cardiovascular Research, Brunham, Liam R, Baker, Steven, Mammen, Andrew, Mancini, G B John, Rosenson, Robert S

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In the field of cardiometabolism, Gastric Bypass Surgery to Treat Patients with Study Hypertension (GATEWAY) showed that gastric bypass surgery can reduce or eliminate the need for anti-hypertensive ...

Cardiovascular Research, Oikonomou, Evangelos K

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The classical MR ligand is aldosterone that after binding in renal epithelial cells induces the expression of proteins important for water and sodium retention. Since this results in a rise of blood ...

Cardiovascular Research, van der Heijden, Charlotte D C C, Deinum, Jaap, Joosten, Leo A B, Netea, Mihai G, Riksen, Niels P

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In 2008, it was predicted that this number of people with obesity would first be reached by year 2030.1 This much faster increase in the number of people with obesity is especially alarming since ...

Cardiovascular Research, Torekov, Signe Sørensen

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Prof. Lina Badimon is the Director of the Cardiovascular Science Institute (ICCC) in Barcelona in the Hospital Santa Creu and San Pau, Director of the Cardiovascular Research Chair of the Autonomous ...

Cardiovascular Research, Badimon, Lina

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