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Fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) plays an instructive role in osteogenesis and bone development, but its role in vascular calcification was unknown. [...]we investigated the involvement of FGF-2 ...

Cardiovascular Research, Borland, Samantha J., Morris, Thomas G., Borland, Shona C., Morgan, Mark R., Francis, Sheila E., Merry, Catherine L.R., Canfield, Ann E.

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[...]medial calcification is linked to vessel stiffness, systolic hypertension, and increased pulse wave velocity leading to increased diastolic dysfunction and heart failure.2 Whilst originally ...

Cardiovascular Research, Durham, Andrew L, Speer, Mei Y, Scatena, Marta, Giachelli, Cecilia M, Shanahan, Catherine M

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