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Download PDF Dana Pop1, Dumitru Zdrenghea1, Gabriel Cismaru1, Gabriel Gusetu1, Radu Rosu1, Emilia Babes2, Mircea Ioachim Popescu2 1 Department of Cardiology-Rehabilitation, Iuliu Hatieganu University ...

Date : 29/03/2017

[...]there is substantial variation in the estimated 10-year risk of recurrent vascular events, even if all modifiable risk factors are treated until the treatment target is reached. Access the ...

Date : 30/06/2017

Results of the VIVA trial will reveal the mortality impact and cost-effectiveness of combined screening for abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral artery disease and hypertension. The impact of ...

Date : 16/08/2017

Results in patients with coronary artery disease and in patients with peripheral artery disease >Link to session Hot Line - Late Breaking Clinical Trials 2 SPYRAL HTN OFF-MED: Assessment of the ...

Date : 20/07/2017

[...]even patients nowadays reaching recommended target levels of LDL-C as low as 1.8mmol/L continue to suffer from cardiovascular events and symptoms. A variable number of repeat polymorphism of ...

European Heart Journal, von Eckardstein, Arnold

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