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Risk factors for postoperative arrhythmia in patients with physiologic univentricular hearts undergoing Fontan procedure Mehmet Çelik1, Bülent Sarýtaþ1, Tolga Tatar1, Murat Özkan1, ...

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Jill P. Pell1 Institute of Health and Wellbeing, University of Glasgow, 1 Lilybank Gardens, Glasgow G12 8RZ-UK   Global risk scores use individual level information on non-modifiable risk factors ...

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Sakine Memiþ1, Emine Didem Evci2, Filiz Ergin2, Erdal Beþer2 1Department of Medical Nursing, School of Health, Adnan Menderes University, Aydýn, Turkey 2Department of Public Health, Medical ...

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Which cut-off value of high sensitivity C- reactive protein is more valuable for determining long- term prognosis in patients with acute coronary syndrome? [Anatol J Cardiol] Teoman Kılıç1, ...

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Angiographically evident atherosclerotic stenosis associated with myocardial bridging (MB) and risk factors for the artery stenosis located proximally to MB: an observational study Heng Hong1, ...

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Management of cardiac device infections according to current data Habibe Kafes1, Yeþim Güray2, Esra Gücük Ýpek3 1Clinic of Cardiology, Yüksek Ýhtisas Hospital, Ankara-Turkey ...

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Eser Acar1, Dilek Ural2, Ulaþ Bildirici3, Tayfun Þahin3, Ýrem Yýlmaz1 1Department of Cardiology, Faculty of Medicine, Kocaeli University, Kocaeli-Turkey 2Department of Cardiology ...

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Serum lipid profiles including non-high density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in Turkish school-children [Anatol J Cardiol] Birsen Uçar1, Zübeyir Kýlýç1, Ener Çaðrý ...

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The results of fetal echocardiography in a tertiary center and comparison of low- and high-risk pregnancies for fetal congenital heart defects [Anatol J Cardiol] Süheyla Özkutlu1, Tülay ...

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Effects of social inequalities on coronary heart disease risk factors: a population-based, cross-sectional study in zmir [Anatol J Cardiol] Hatice Giray Þimþek1, Türkan Günay1, ...

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